Google Develops Smart Anti-Fat Shoes

In competition with Apple, Google develops smart shoes. It is said that smart shoes have sensors to detect obesity in the user’s body.

Updates from The Sun page on Tuesday 12/02/2019, the Google smart shoes designed by the Verily Division of Health have sensors that can determine or control the weight and activity of the user. Exceptionally, these shoes can give a warning if the users are getting fat.

In addition, these smart shoes are also designed to detect if the user falls or has an accident. This means that these shoes are safe for anyone because they can send a warning to their family or guardian in the event of an accident for the user.

This technology had already been used by Apple during its surveillance last year. If this development continues, the shoes are intended for users concerned about their health.

So far, Google has not provided an explanation for its smart shoes, but the company is still looking for companies as partners to help develop the shoes they have developed.

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