Strongest Cars or Vehicles in PUBG Mobile

Vehicles play a very important role in Battle Royale as a means of transport and defense against enemy attacks. All PUBG Mobile vehicles have different loading capacities.

Of the eleven PUBG Mobile vehicles, only a few are highly resistant to blocking the M249 bales. Furthermore, only few cars can offer benefits during the battle.

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1. UAZ


UAZ is the most powerful vehicle to resist enemy attacks. UAZ has 4 seats and 2 types of vehicles, ie an open roof and a closed roof. This machine can hold 50 M249 rifles.

2. Van Tayo

Van Tayo Pubg

Although it seems strange, this van can protect 6 people safely. Although Van cannot be used off-road, it can hold 45 M249 cartridges.

3. Dacia 1300 Sedan

dacia 1300 sedan Pubg

This vehicle is very fast and can withstand violent collisions. Dacia 1300 is a mandatory vehicle that you have to use in wartime. This was because this car was hard to pull and she could take 45 M249 rifles.

4. Buggy

buggy Pubg

The vehicles on stage have only 2 places in the area. However, Buggy could hold 35 balls of M249.

5. Pick Up car

pickup car pubg

With 4 seats divided into two parts, namely 2 open places and 2 closed places, this car is very well adapted to cross the desert. Furthermore, this vehicle can also be used with the Miramar card. This machine can repel 33 balls of M249.

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