Best loot Locations in Vikendi PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile introduced a new location Vikendi. Unlike the previous 3 maps, the whole region was covered with snow.

The survival technique on the Vikendi Snow Map is significantly different from the previous 3 maps. Although the tactics of the players are very good for survival, they do not forget the theft.

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1. Goroka

GorokoGoroko pubg best loot location

This is the best place to land in Vikendi. With plenty of space, you will find many houses for robbery. Thus, you can not visit all the houses to get good armor. This is one of the best looting place in Pubg.

In this area there is also an ice lake near the city and a hill for shooting.

2. Hot springs

Hot springs pubg best loot location

Although this area is small in Vikendi, this place has good armor. After a brief acquaintance with this area, you can go straight to the castle, to the cement plant or to the canton, and start looting.

3. Dobro Mestro

Dobro mestro pubg best loot location

Good Place – a fairly large area and has good conditions. This area also has a small house area that allows you to get full level 3 armor.

4. Cosmodrome

cosmodrome pubg best loot location

This large residential area is a good starting point that is insensitive to collisions between snipers and vehicles. This is due to the fact that the cosmodrome is equipped with a basement that can be used for shelter.

You can try the western and southern zones for the best starting points.

5. Castle

CASTLE pubg best loot location

The castle is the most popular mining site on the Vikendi map. This place has a path near the tower, which is an exceptional training ground. In addition, this place is also equipped with good items.

6. Krichas

Krichas Pubg best loot location

This location is close enough to the middle of the map to offer many benefits. In addition, many homes in the area facilitate the process of robbery.

7. Dino Park

Dino park pubg best loot laction

Although its location is less favorable for robbery, this place is very popular, as you can walk and see dinosaurs. You will find different types of dinosaurs, such as T-Rex and others. If you are lucky, you will find good armor.

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