4 Surprising Ways Bubble Shooters Are Refreshing

The very origin of the bubble shooter goes way back to the year 1994, and according to present statistics, it still seems to be far from being over. Since its inception, the game has defied common sense with its very grounded simplicity. The bubble shooter game has become a widely popular phenomenon globally, with a never before easy gameplay. The idea behind the game is to aim, shoot, and pop bubbles, making it addictive in cases of crushing boredom on a train ride, in the subway, or while on the bus.

Japan launched the first Bubble Shooter in the ’90s. The game was initially termed Puzzle Bobble by its makers. Since then, the game has evolved, and various clones have infested the online gaming market. Going through the hands of several companies, each developer introduced slight details into the game, making it more interesting than its prior version. At present, bubble shooters have storylines, different levels of difficulty, game modes, and bubbles powered with specific abilities that help augment the player’s in-game pacing.

Players now are primarily invested in the quickly accessible app versions available on the Play Store and the iOS. After the bubble shooter game download, players in the app have to group three or more bubbles of the same color to pop them. As easy as the game sounds, it’s equally addictive. If a target is missed, then the bubbles start to stack, and the game ends once they reach the bottom of the screen. Let’s look at some facets behind bubble shooter’s ever-rising popularity.

Kindergarten-level Controlling

Any individual, regardless of their age, can engage in bubble shooters. The controls are absolutely basic. The game does not demand any form of outlandish dexterity from the player’s perspective. It takes a couple of minutes to understand the game’s mechanics, and once you are aware of the nuances, you are free to crash and slide through the many levels. The game relies mainly on everyday physics and the player’s intuition. A cannon is provided to the player through which they can slide across the bottom to aim at the bubbles clustered above. After selecting the cannon, the players can shoot a bubble just by lifting their finger off the screen. The cognitive skills of a player are mostly in use for this game. Bubbles can also be swapped by using a switch that is located at the bottom left corner of the gaming screen. This gives the player freedom to shuffle between the color of the bubble they want to use in their next shot and does not tie them down to one single option.

Post-Work Refresher

In the dull age of pandemic, where everyone is forced to stay indoors, there isn’t much to do as an extracurricular. As humans, we thirst for proper connections and a need to stay in the outdoors for as long as possible. The multiplayer facet of bubble shooter makes it a platform for connection in times like this. The player can play online against a real competitor where the winner is decided on the basis of their individual score before the timer hits zero.Apart from the absence of natural fresh air, bubble shooters offer a competitive and interactive community of players who nullify any sense of individual isolation.

A player can easily take a chill pill after a shut-in day with office-work by indulging in several rounds of bubble shooting against other players.

Features Tournaments With Rewards

The game’s fun factor is quadrupled with the added feature of being able to participate in tournaments. The game is easy, but the skills acquired through leveling make participating in tournaments a fun challenge. For this experience, players need to genuinely practice essential skills in the game and acquire a certain level of expertise. Timing the shots and clever use of power-ups are key factors that help the player to get ahead of the competition.

Furthermore, playing competitively on a regular basis helps develop long-term and short-term memory, which aids in the quicker processing of information. The game captivates the players’ imagination, helps them stay focused on day-to-day tasks, and transmutes their mentality into goal-getters.

On the multiple platforms for bubble shooters, players with the highest score are awarded exclusive rewards and prizes that boost the dopamine levels of players and make it a more rewarding experience for them.

Fun That Never Stops

The taut structure and time-trap nature of the game keep players’ excitement always piqued, making them keep coming back. Players can master over a million moves to get the best score, and there is no limit to discovering tactics to beat the maximum score in the game. The graphics of these games are very immersive with the use of power-ups like Fireball, Bomb, Wild Bubble, etc.

Players will always find a multiplayer match at the ready as the waiting time is nil. The healthy competition that this game encourages is quite interesting. Players have complete freedom in choosing their battles that tally with their personal skill levels.

A strictly addictive game, Bubble shooters promise the most fun of all online games and have therefore gained a massive following over the years. Bubble shooter very cleverly hits at a primal instinct of humans, the hunter-gatherer. The entire idea of hitting colorful balls and matching shapes to settle for a final organized structure activates our ape-brain and refreshingly tickles all our ancestral monkey cells.

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