10 Best Improve Vocabulary Apps

In today’s fast-moving world, we don’t want to stay behind. And especially when it comes to the global language, English. Even though English is spoken in different accents in different countries. However, it’s usage and vocabulary remains the same. And hence, so many of us want to increase our fluency and vocabulary in English.

Apps for improving English vocabulary

There are many apps that are meant to help with your vocabulary. And here, I’ve mentioned some of the most popular and most used out of them. Scroll below and check those out now.

1. Memrise: Learn Languages Free

The Memrise: Learn Languages Free comes totally free of cost to it’s users. It is best for the people who want to work on their vocabulary on the go. With interesting and captivating videos, audios, images, and other such mediums, it ensures perfect vocab learning of its users. It helps you to learn new words, memorise them and understand their true meanings and usage.

Compatibility: This app is compatible with iPad, iPhone and Android as well.

2. 11+ Vocabulary Builder

This 11+ Vocabulary Builder is a very systematic and neatly arranged application for building your vocabulary smoothly. It is mostly a quiz based app. And it is ideal for school or college going students. The various assessments and quizzes used in this app are very effective for making your vocabs better day by day.

Compatibility: This app is compatible with Android, iPad and iPhone.

3. Wordalot – Picture Crossword

The Wordalot – Picture Crossword app, just like it’s name suggests is a fun app with amazing crosswards and images. These features make learning vocabs more fun. It keeps the user engaged and delivers effective learning of various words. There are more than one thousand levels. So individuals can enjoy and increase their learning with each level.

Compatibility: This app is compatible with iPhone, iPad and Android as well.

4. 7 Little Words

The 7 Little Words is an awesome gaming app which focuses on vocabulary games mostly. This app allows you test your preexisting knowledge of vocabs. And then it further assists to gradually increase your vocabulary with less time. It has a very fun and interactive way of delivering learning experiences with gaming environment. This keeps its users hooked. And also help in their overall word knowledge.

Compatibility: This app is compatible with Android, iPhone and iPad too.

5. Vocabulary.com

It is a very popular and widely sought after app for improving ones vocabulary. This app is very easy to use and gives much convenience in learning new words. It also allows you to memorize words. Vocabulary.com allows you to know more than twelve thousand vocabd and their proper usage as well. If you are looking for effective practice, then this app is for you.

Compatibility: It is compatible with Android and Web.

6. Words With Friends

The Words With Friends app is a great vocabulary app to increase one’s knowledge in vocabulary spheres. It offers very impressive and interactive games. And those keep the users hooked while also help them learn newer phrases and words in a fun way. With more than fifty thousand words, this app helps all it users to learn them, know their proper usage and compare their performance with others too.

Compatibility: This app is more compatible with iPad, iPhone and Android as well.

7. Magoosh Vocabulary Builder

It is another great app to learn better words, phrases and thereby increase your vocabulary fluently. With its brief yet precise descriptions and various difficulty levels, this app is excellent for students. It allows individuals to learn new word slowly, gradually with time.

Compatibility: This app is more compatible with IPad, Android and iPhone.

8. Vocab Victor English Word Game

It is a simple yet gaming kind of app. And it’s main objective is to guide people in increasing their vocabulary in the English language. It is best for people who know English but are not that good in vocabs. One of it’s most significant feature is that it allows you to choose and save words or you can let the app select the words for you.

Compatibility: This app is compatible with iPad, Android and iPhone.

9. Quizlet

The Quizlet app is another lovely app to improve your vocabulary easily on the go. It makes use of great flashcards, quizzes etc to help you learn different English words. It also helps you to have a strong grasp of your vocabulary along with their proper pronunciations as well. The quizlet app also offers a quality learn mode which fastens your overall learning experience.

Compatibility: This app is compatible with all iPhones, Androids and iPads.

10. Word of the day

It is a very simple vocabulary app which helps you learn more words, save your favorite ones. And it also allows you to memorize everything while gradually improving your vocabulary. As the name suggests, this app focuses on learning one new word a day. And this learning method suits best for learning different languages. This app offers interactive quizzes and also allows you to share your favorite words with others.

Compatibility: This app is compatible with iPad, Android, iPhone.

Increase your Vocabs each day

So here are these lovely apps. You can select the one which is most fun to you. All are engaging and provide different and interesting ways of learning new words. Use those and see your performance improving slowly. (Please note that the numbering done here is only for presentation purpose. And it does not reflect any all’s quality or usability whatsoever.)

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