Top Ways Teachers Can Incorporate EdTech into the Classroom

In terms of technology in the classroom, this school year showed us that quality always triumphs over quantity. Fortunately, we live in an age where technology teaching tools are plentiful, so the key is to sort through them all and find the gems. Education has evolved dramatically in recent years, mostly due to technological advancements and the Internet. Both teachers and students are forced to employ instructional technology in their studies. Many parents, students, and teachers are looking forward to utilizing less technology next year after a year of completely virtual school, especially in light of today’s circumstances.

These factors have resulted in a significant increase in the use of educational technology tools, which has become unavoidable for students in their learning. There is a software for almost any requirement, from looking for and synthesizing relevant material to allowing you to buy argumentative essay on specialized writing platforms. Professionals who work on these services may assist you with all of the work your instructors have assigned to you and, as a result, offer you with a high-quality reference for future assignments.

So, what are the most effective strategies for instructors to make their classes more digitally friendly? Here are a handful that we believe are essential. These educational apps and websites were chosen because they are user-friendly and can enhance learning. To put it another way, they not only provide an appearance of a modern classroom, but they really increase learning in ways that would not be conceivable without technology.


When assigning a project to students, teachers have to make sure that children not only collaborate with each other while brainstorming, but also learn how to use their online sources in a healthy way. Instead of making them find the information in the books and old manuals, allow them use modern websites, like Pinterest, to find the articles, connected to the topic, along with creative media. Teachers can also participate in the process by preparing the material for students beforehand, in order to firstly examine the level of reliability, and, secondly, to have something to give students as an example what they can use.


There is no need to limit students’ project time by only allowing them to communicate in the classroom. Google Workspace is an incredibly useful suite of tools that greatly simplifies the working and educational processes. Google Disc is a free service that lets you save a wide range of documents in one location and quickly share them with colleagues or other users. All you need is a gadget of any kind that is linked to the Internet to utilize it. Or, they can work on a document simultaneously via Google Doc.


Google Workspace is an extremely convenient tool for teachers too. All of the documents on the Disc may be sorted into folders. Teachers, for example, can organize their teaching resources by topic, grade, or specific student name. At the same time, you may access your Google Disc from any device that has Internet access and a login with a password. Students may complete and submit their homework and other tasks in this manner, and the teachers will be able to see them.

Google Doc is similar to Microsoft Word, except it allows you to collaborate with some of your colleagues on the same document online at the same time. You may, for example, construct test items in a document, give the student access to it, and immediately review his responses while addressing problematic topics. The interface is quite similar to that of Word, so getting used to this service will be very simple.


Even though the ways of communication between teachers, parents and students may vary due to specific policy values, it still happens. Teachers should consider putting crucial due dates, as well as impending projects, examinations, and other reminders, on the internet to help parents and students stay on top of things, as not only children have got accustomed to a high level of digitalization nowadays. Also, they can create common chats in any messenger in order to keep parents updated about their children’s academic performance.


To assist students, accomplish their goals, educational technology is a fantastic method to deliver personalized education. By using digital technologies, teachers may employ data-driven education to better personalize courses for kids who require more help or encouragement. Remember that teachers not only provide educational, but also always some emotional support.

Teachers can use this technique to detect students’ learning gaps in terms of curricular requirements, and then successfully remedy those gaps. Generally speaking, you may use Kahoot! or Quizlet to build review games and quizzes for your class, and your students can do the same—even sharing the games with their classmates—by creating the games.


Students are always into fun activities and games. It is way more interesting for them to compete and to be active, rather than dully sitting at the desk reading some, again, old manuals. This is especially true when you have a lot of other things to do in addition to studying for your classes and examinations. Learning may be simplified in a number of old-fashioned methods, which can make learning duller. Students will benefit much from utilizing Quizlet because of its ease of use, so consider incorporating it to the program.

Quizlet is a free service that allows you to easily remember any information, which can be presented in the form of flashcards. All you need is to find the information you need in the database or create your own materials, adding your own media flashcards (pictures, audio), and then start completing the exercises to memorize these materials. You must have a Facebook or Google account to log into the system. Plus, they can even share links to the cards with their partners, so they all can create and use them to learn together.


No need to make students scared of their exams — they can really like them, if teachers add something creative to the process. For example, Socrative is a service that provides online classroom testing to educational institutions. This is a test creation, discovery, and distribution tool, as well as a test execution tool. Among the benefits are the simplicity of growth and a pleasing look. The service’s distinctive characteristics include the use of mobile device apps and the lack of the requirement for students to register: by registering and accessing the site, the instructor will establish a lobby with a unique code, which anybody who uses the application or accesses the site may join.

Furthermore, the business offers a large database of ready-made and validated by site management tests.

There are additionally three types of testing: 

  1. Instant Feedback – pupils choose answers in a series of questions, without the ability to modify their responses or even temporarily skip a question, leaving it for later.
  2. Open Navigation – students can answer in whatever order they like and alter their answers at any time. However, the teacher can see what the student created even before the exam is finished.
  3. Teacher Paced – the teacher selects the next question and has the option to skip or repeat it.

Throughout testing, the professor can track the progress of the exam in full detail by noting who and how each question was answered in the table. After the exam, the instructor can save the results to Google Disc, transmit them via email, display the findings in real time, or simply do nothing.


Some applications may work better for you than others, depending on your teaching style, classroom goals, and even your student group for the year. It may be beneficial to introduce new tools at the start of the school year, after you’ve had a chance to test them out over the summer, or in increments during the school year so that there aren’t too many at once. Inform your administrator on what works (and doesn’t work!) so that they can stay on top of any difficulties, and ask your colleagues for thoughts on what works for them.

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