How to use technology in physical education?

Now the education has many technology tools in order to give a powerful learning and for better understanding. Physical education can be challenging for any number of reasons, from a lack of equipment to keeping students engaged. To change this or to make student to gain more skills and power you can try these examples. In this article I am going to list out some devices that can help the students in monitoring their activities, some apps to help them achieving and some additional tips to improve students. Let’s get into the article.



No list would complete without mentioning this pedometer. It will be better when you watch and count your each steps on your jogging sir walking or even running. It’s not possible to count every step along and to focus on the counting. To help you in this, you can use the pedometer

Some people won’t have time for jogging or walking and by using this pedometer you can count your steps on doing your household work.

Heart Rate Monitors

These Heart Rate Monitors helps in monitoring student’s pulse while engaged in activities. It can help both the educator and student to aim for an individualized target heart rate that is challenging to maintain but not too difficult to achieve. 

It’s always better to have an aim and moving towards it. So if you set goals to children they involve themselves and do it with enthusiasm.

Health Tracking

Health Tracking plays a vital role in monitoring the student’s fitness. Using the pedometer and heart rate monitor is not enough to have a healthy education. Some pedometers has built-in heart rate monitors and they help in monitoring and adjusting their fitness level. 

Making plans based on health monitoring helps the educator to give instant feedback that allies students to adjust themselves. 


There are too many applications available for physical education. They have well support to android devices. It also has an advantage with some allowing for movement tracking and nutritional help, while others assist in enhancing athletic activities like basketball.

MapMyFitness and MyFitnessPal allow for movement tracking as well as nutritional help. Coach’s Eye, and Team Shake show the breadth of offerings available and can get you thinking about many different possibilities.

Wearable tech

This technology was a widely used one among the fitness masters now. Why should always carry a device on your hand, just make it fit to your arms to watch your progress. Technological tools such as pedometers, smart watches, and heart rate monitors are increasingly being used. 

By using this wearable tech students can monitor the heart rates, activity levels, or the number of steps to take within a time frame. This would be a great technology to help the students in self monitoring.

Virtual Connections

You can use this virtual connectivity to invite guests into your classroom via video chat programs such as Skype and Hangouts. You can get more interaction with your students by making virtual classrooms or blogs. Students can also be encouraged to get involved with online courses about nutrition, exercising, and fitness principles, or web quests geared toward purposeful inquiry.

Video Resources

The technology opened the gate to many opportunities. Anyone can self learn through the workout videos online. Youtube is a great platform for learning complete courses on fitness, diet, nutrition and much more. 

PE teachers can consider flipping their classes with the help of videos they make demonstrating technique.

Gaming Systems

Gaming systems are an ultimate resource for the physical education platform. Video games are extremely engaging and immersive, and can be taken beyond the school environment and continued at home.

Students become more interactive with this gaming system and in addition this gaming system encourage the students to do more than usual.


Though many PE teachers may find, difficult in adapting this new technology, they can do it for their students. PE educators can get more interaction between students with these new technologies.

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