16 People Arrested Because of Playing PUBG in India

March 6, 2019- Last week, the Indian government of Gujarat introduced a ban on the use of the mobile battlefield PlayerUnknown. This game is known to popularize the nature of the battle lords.

More than 10 students were arrested in Ahmedabad for playing the shooter, and another 16 were arrested in Rajkot last week, according to a BBC report cited by Cnet.

“Our team caught these young children with red hands (obviously on site) and they were arrested when they found them in the PUBG games,” said Police Chief Rohit Raval. Indian Express

The game was banned on March 6 by the Gujarat police commissioner, Manoj Agrawal. According to local authorities, the game creates excessive dependence, especially for students. A minister from Goa, another Indian state, described the game as a “demon in every house,” the Hindustan Times reported.

PUBG is a game with enough projectors in India. In fact, the type of Battle Royals is not just that, there are other games that look like Fortnite.

The game Battle Royale, which is also available in a mobile version and is more popular around the world, does not accept such restrictions.

“We were surprised to learn that local communities in several cities have decided to ban our games,” PUBG Mobile said in a statement to local media.

“We are trying to understand the legal basis of this prohibition, and we hope to enter into a constructive dialogue with the relevant authorities to explain our objectives and lift the ban,” he said.

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