19 Best Pirate games for Android 2022 (Updated)

Do you want to know how it will be like if you are pirate? Here are the best pirate games for Android.

Pirates are criminals who roam the sea to steal and seek treasures. Now you can become one of them.

As you play pirate games, Techholicz has prepared recommendations for the best Android pirate games and PC guys. Come and see the full list!

SL NoPirate Games for AndroidDownload Link
1Pirates and TradersDownload
2Assassin’s Creed PiratesDownload
3Sink ‘Em AllDownload
4Ships Of BattleDownload
5Pirate KingsDownload
6Pirate’s Treasure Hunter 
7One Piece Treasure CruiseDownload
8Pirate talesDownload
9King Of SailsDownload
10The Pirate: Caribbean huntingDownload

The best Pirate games on Android you must play

Here is the list of top pirate games for android you must play once in a lifetime.

1. Pirates and Traders

pirates and traders

You start off by making your privateer character. You can pick his nationality, foundation, three distinct traits (physical, scholarly, social), the boat, your banner, and the game’s trouble settings. There are various “spared game” spaces so you can without much of a stretch stay aware of your advancement.

When your character is made the time has come to head out. Notwithstanding ships, you can moor in different ports to exchange, fix, enlist and so on. There is a huge amount of detail and ongoing interaction in Pirates and Traders.

There is a paid version of this game, that evacuates advertisements and includes one foundation and five extra beginning boats to browse.


2. Assassin’s Creed Pirates


Ubisoft is one of the most renowned game engineers and Professional Assassin’s Creed Pirates is another work of art from this studio. The game covers the entire existence of a pirate’s chief: battling against foe vessels, fishing, whale chasing, going around the Caribbean see, discover treasures and some more.

Everything is adjustable from the boat name to even the snares. The soundtracks are Disc quality, illustrations is astonishing. The group of your boat will sing during the activity. It was downloaded in excess of 5 million times and the game is consistently refreshed.


3. Sink ‘Em All

sink em all

Sink ‘Em All is a really clear privateer game. You order one boat and you sail around decimating the other privateer ships. There are presently four parts: pirate School, Runaway of the Caribbean, Cold Mountain, and 127 Degrees.

The game shows another section yet to be declared. Every part offers various levels you can play and you can acquire up to three stars for every level. As the levels get more enthusiastically, there will be an ever increasing number of adversaries to wreck.


4. Ships Of Battle

ship of battle

In the pirate bay, get to the metalworker to purchase more ammunition. Accumulate more team individuals to improve fight limit. Sell the plunder in the commercial center and procure coins to overhaul your war vessel.

Purchase new ships with the coins and pearls in the shipyard. You can likewise win diamonds from the mine yet it requires a paid membership.

It offers day by day reward from a turn wheel in the inlet, you get an aggregate of 3 twists day by day. You can likewise get to the Headquarters and complete different day by day challenges.


5. Pirate Kings

pirate kings

Turn the wheel to get coins and different traits like Defend, Steal, and Attack. Develop your island by including vessel, goldmine, building and your own winged creatures. Bomb different pirates who are building their domain close to you. Improve your realm by working up a superior foundation. Gain enough money by turning the haggle the foundation.

It lets you interface with your Facebook record and offers you to fight your companions. Shoot cannonballs to devastate the hostile area, plunder and take gold, and guard your realm.


6. Pirate’s Treasure Hunter

pirate treasure hunter

Children love undertakings, give them the best stage to live their dream as a pirate treasure tracker. This game is created by Hippo Baby Games for Girls and for Boys and is outstanding amongst other pirate games for kids.

Discover the fortune covered up by Captain Flint in various island. The game has some genuine animation liveliness and your youngsters will totally cherish it.

7. One Piece Treasure Cruise

One Piece Treasure Cruise

Join the experience of Luffy and the straw cap pirates as they continued looking for the One Piece treasure. The account of the game comprises of every part of the manga, so complete the mission to investigate the story of Luffy. The ongoing interaction includes a tap fight framework which lets you assault by tapping onto the foe.

You can likewise utilize systems of chain assaults to overcome the hardest foe. Become the most impressive pirate group on the planet.


8. Pirate tales

pirates tales

Pirate stories which is a wonderful and best high realistic best pirate game. In this game you get the chance to see an extraordinary battling. Which is in your boat. This game is made in the ocean.

The name of the pilot is an ocean robber. They loot each other’s boats. Takes gold Steals silver And makes a mind-blowing most. In this game you get the chance to see the equivalent. You need to battle in the game.

Need to shoot And to execute different pirates, they need to ransack their boats. The game is marvelous. The game’s designs are wonderful. The game has taken more than 500000 downloads.


9. King Of Sails

kings of sails

In this game you are given a boat. The boat must be driven. From the boat you need to wander the ocean. In this game, you additionally get the chance to see battling. You likewise get the opportunity to see the battle in the game.

In the game you need to lead by running the boat. The boat needs to control. What’s more, you are the pioneer of the Pirates in the game. You need to offer directions to everybody. What to do what? For what reason do? The game has more than 1 million downloads.


10. The Pirate: Caribbean hunting

The pirates of carribean

The first best pirate game for Android is The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt. You will be the captain of a ship ready to fight against enemies at sea.

You can choose up to 20 boat classes that have their own uniqueness and that you can improve to become stronger. Not only can you fight online with other players in Story or Adventure Campaign mode.

This game also features excellent graphics with a rotation system in the morning and at night for a more exciting gaming experience. This is one of the best mmo rpg games , check out alll games.


11. The Pirate: The plague of the dead.

Pirate Plague of Dead

Do you like open-world games that free you for an adventure in the game world without borders?

The Pirate: The Plague of the Dead may be your best game for Android. You will be the captain of John Rackham, adventures in the pirate world full of emotion and magic power.

You can also make your pirate ship troop and invade the enemy to obtain their objects. Not only that, the legendary Kraken monsters are ready to help you during the battle.


12. Plunder Pirates

Plunder Pirates

Well, if the looting pirates are suitable for those who want to build city games with unique pirate motifs. You will be the captain of the pirates responsible for the construction of the city.

Not only can you build cities, but you can also attack enemies to obtain their resources. The graphics of this game are unique and fun, perfect for those who want to play relaxed.


13. Myth of the pirates.

Myth of pirates

Myth of Pirates is the best pirate game with an action theme with unique 2D graphics. You will be a member of the pirates ready to fight against the enemies.

To strengthen you, you can equip your hero with other types of weapons and accessories. To keep the game fresh, several prizes and bosses await you.


14. Battle ships: The age of pirates.

Ships of Battle

Do you want pirated games with good graphics and serious games?

Ships of Battle: The Age of Pirates may be the answer, as this game has good graphics and a game style full of strategies.

You can choose from more than 20 ships ready for use, as well as the freedom to enlarge weapons and signals from ships. You can also follow exciting stories to enjoy the game.


15. Pirates of the Caribbean: ToW

Pirates of Carribean TOW

Are you a lover of the movie The Loss of the Caribbean?

If so, then you should try the Pirates of the Caribbean game: ToW Guys. You become a pirate captain whose job is to gather members and use private cities.

As a pirate you also have to fight against the enemies and look for treasures. The good news is that you can also tell a story that will reunite you with the Pirates of the Caribbean characters.


16. King of the sails: naval battles.


No less good with other pirate games, King of Sails: Naval Battles has very good graphics. According to Jaka, this game is the best when talking about graphics.

You will be the captain of the ship, whose job is to lead and defeat the enemy. You can choose from more than 12 different types of boats, from the Pandora boats to the legendary Flying Dutchman boats.

This style of play is very intense and tense. You can play online with other players with a 5v5 configuration. Let’s defeat your enemies and take your assets in this game.


17. Pirate code

Pirate code

If you want a relaxed and fun pirate game, this pirate game may be the answer. You can choose one of the 12 types of boats with their respective strengths.

This game is played online with 5 or 5 games. You can also explore the world to complete missions and earn money.


18. Pirate Storm

Pirate Storm

Well, if this Tempest game is an adventure RPG in the pirate world. You will be the captain of a ship ready to search for treasures and fight against the enemy.

You can also explore the world and meet sea monsters like the Kraken. You can also play with your friends or become an opponent in the game.


19. Pirate power

pirate Power

This pirate power is a fun pirate game with 2.5-dimensional graphics typical of men. You can choose more than 60 heroes to fight.

Like most pirates, you fight against many enemies and mystical creatures like the king of crabs against the octopus. You can also customize your ship to become stronger.

Do not stop there, you can also invite them to become enemies.


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Which is the best Pirate game in android?

There are multiple pirate games, but majority of gamers loves to play “Pirate Kings”.

Are there any multiplayer Pirate game?

Yes there is a best muliplayer pirate game that is Myth of the pirates, this game allows you to play with your friends too

Are these games are offline or Online?

These above games can be offline or online too, but most of the games doesn’t have offline feature.

Is Pirates of the Caribbean: ToW is best game to play?

Well, It depends on your gaming niche, if you like adventurous type of games, you will definitely love this game

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