Best 10 Apple TV Remote Apps for Android Devices in 2020

If you plan to be utilizing an Apple TV, it can seem like a leap of ambition to imagine that with an Android smartphone it might be operated. The truth is that by using some Apple TV remote applications for Android devices that are accessible in the Play Store, this is really very easy. Are you planning to use an interface to monitor your Smart TV?

Simply pick one of the applications provided further below:

Consider dropping the Apple TV control and allow the use of such a more customer-friendly and practical when it applies to operate the TV. They are practical since they offer simplicity along with various apps that also provide a great deal of comfort. In addition to this, it is incredibly quick and convenient to configure them and get going.

AnyMote Universal Remote


This application is the best choice for people wanting to monitor their Apple TV via their Android phone. AnyMote works more reliably than the other alternatives, which were available for free download that can be used with a single app. The software is also easy to use and offers large controls for simple control of the system. If you like the app and want to upgrade to the Pro Version, you will have to pay $6.99, otherwise, the app is completely free.

Although we suggest using the app to power your TV over WiFi, compatibility with gadgets with IR blasters is also included. That being said, adding to the Galaxy S7, IR blaster compatibility is unusually restricted, not being able to control Huawei, Vizio, or Sony phones. Try AnyMote Universal Remote for free on Google Play.


Peel Smart Remote for Apple

Peel is probably the most common alternative in these remote applications. For one, it can operate either over your local area network or via IR as well. If you have an Android smartphone with an IR blaster, no longer what your home entertainment condition is, you will have the highest possible connectivity. And your smart home gadgets like Apple TV can be powered by the application.

Logitech Harmony Hub

Logitech Harmony Hub

If you’re hunting for any of the finest tv remote applications for your Android smartphone or laptop, try the Harmony Hub. This app will function with nearly every Smart TV model you have and you can use it to operate your Apple TV.



The Yonomi application functions as a multi-function automation portal application for smart homes and devices, using an activated process program for automating and managing more than a hundred different products from a range of suppliers. Install Yonomi today for iOS or Android, and use your smartphone, Google Home, Apple Watch or Android Wear to access all of your connected home apps easily.

AIR Remote

AIR Remote

The AIR Remote software is the first device on our series that uses a built-in IR blaster from a computer to power Apple TV. AIR Control, like most IR-blaster software, is restricted to only operating with computers that have an IR-blaster. But if your Android device or phone has an IR-blaster in it, then AIR Controller is the perfect option for you.

People quickly open the software and continue managing their Apple TV with an incredibly easy-to-use design — no need to pair. AIR Remote also helps people to switch to their favorite control system, perhaps a button-based control system, or toggle the motions. If you like the app and want to upgrade to the Pro Version, you will have to pay $3.49, otherwise, the app is completely free.

Peel Smart Remote


Inside its limits, Peel Smart Remote incorporates both a virtual universe interface and a customizable-visual TV guide. Although we thought one of the most daunting interfaces was the Peel Smart Remote application, we enjoyed its enhanced offers. It is great for someone who has an Apple TV along with a TV package, Peel’s introduction offers you the first look at everything on the network and what is on the screen.

Users can only be carried to control your Apple TV after you press the mini control button. There are many other apps that are simpler than something like Peel, but if you want to keep a close watch on your Program guide and monitor your Apple TV, there’s no better alternative. Try Peel Smart Remote for free on Google Play.



CiderTV is a perfect application for monitoring your AppleTV from an Android smartphone. CiderTV is based solely on AppleTV rendering it one of the simplest apps to be installed. You can enjoy gesture controls in the application that sound more like the new updated Apple TV control from Apple.

The app is absolutely free for a single Apple TV. Pro subscription worth $4.99 is needed for more devices. Commercials are visible and can also be disabled only with a Pro membership. Like for several other Android devices, we found that CiderTV often had trouble interacting with a few TVs, but it is preferred due to its convenience, and it is still highly rated.

SURE Smart Home and TV Universal Remote

SURE Smart Home and TV Universal Remote

For Android users seeking a ton of features, the SURE Smart Home and TV Universal Remote app is the best alternative. SURE is created to function with more than 1 million gadgets like Apple TV.

TV Remote Control

TV Remote Control

Installation is as simple as launching the program on your phone and pressing buttons to order an IR-blaster. The design is based on real third-gen remote from Apple TV that certain people may love, while others may find it clunky and unappealing.

Apple TV Remote

TV Remote Control

The Apple TV Remote application is a nice complement to Apple TV. It has similar characteristics to the Siri Remote, and you understand what you’re receiving if you’re comfortable with that. For example, it works for you on the iPhone or iPad and helps you to toggle and select Apple TV.


We shared ten Apple TV Remote Apps for Android Devices that we felt worked the best. We hope you liked our recommendations for Android smartphones with the best common remote applications.

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