4 Best Audiobook Apps For Android 2022

You must be waiting eagerly to add more to your book collection, since you are here. Don’t you worry, for I have got your back. In today’s blog post, I’ll share some of the best audiobook apps for Android. For the unversed, an audiobook refers to a talking book. It is basically a recording of a book being read aloud.

And is very similar to someone else reading out a book to you. You do not have to read, all you have to do is just listen. Audiobooks have gained a lot of popularity in recent times. And it is all thanks to the ever flourishing technology that has taken reading experience to a better level. 

Let the book read itself out to you

Unlike the earlier times, you need not worry about your precious books. You need not worry about their storage, maintenance or upkeep. You can literally take your books (as many as you please) anywhere, everywhere. And all of it would be just at the tip of your fingertips. You just need to download or purchase them.

And they are yours forever. So without wasting a minute more, scroll down to choose your favorite platform amongst all of them below. But do note that the apps are arranged randomly. And it has nothing to do with their quality or anything whatsoever. 

1. Audible


Audible is notably the best and super popular audiobook platform for all book lovers. And it’s name especially resonates with it’s feature of audiobooks fluently. The books available here are plenty enough to last one’s lifetime.

And you can get access to all of it with only paying $9.99 each month. Since it comes from Amazon, you know you have got in your hands world class stuff. Audible allows you to subscribe for certain free books.

And also offers some attractive discounts on others. Other than that, you can purchase your desired audiobooks selectively on Audible. It is mobile friendly and works nicely with almost every other such device.

2. Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle
Amazon Kindle

The Amazon Kindle brings with it a wide array of books. Their prices vary too. Yet, you can get the key in your hand to unlock millions of books at just $9.99 a month. The Amazon Kindle is super popular among book lovers.

And when common people hear the word audiobook, they usually think of Kindle only. That alone displays its popularity among individuals. This grand eBook platform features an unlimited amount of books in audio format. Alongside the audiobooks, it also has lots of regular books for those who like to read instead of listening. 

3. Google Play Books

Google Play Books
Google Play Books

Google Play Books can not be ignored if we are talking about audiobooks. And here’s why. Coming with a night mode option and offline availability feature, it has already made a good start.

The huge amount of books is just jaw dropping. And the prices vary from lowest to highest to suit every reader/listener. The basic yet elegant features allow the users to relax while using it. And delivers a really satisfying customer experience to everyone.

Because all you need to do is purchase a book and it is yours for a lifetime. You can listen to it as soon as you buy it or when you please. Google Play Books also allows a short preview of the books so you know what you are exactly buying. 

4. Audiobooks.com


Audiobooks.com is indeed a great platform for all audiobook lovers. And it has made its way into this curated list solely because of it’s quality services. Similar to Kindle, Audible etc, it has a wide and varied range of audiobooks available for individuals.

And of course all of it comes with different prices. If you want unlimited access to every section and genres of books then you can subscribe for $14.95 a month. With its neat and simple using style, Audiobooks.com is extremely popular amongst readers and listeners.

One of the best features of this audio platform is that it welcomes you with more than 700,000 podcasts. So it grasps readers as well as podcast listeners as it’s audience. With different playback speed controls, you can download your favorite audiobooks for offline listening as well. 

Carrying your books with you was never this easy

All of the above mentioned audiobooks platforms have taken the bond between a book and a person to a whole new level.

It has improved the reader to listener experience drastically. And hence, has made taking your own library with you anywhere, anytime so much easier. Now you need not worry about your book getting damaged or lost. Just buy or subscribe and you own your library till your lifetime. Happy listening 😉

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