Best Anime Streaming Apps Android 2022

One of the biggest peer pressures these days is to watch anime. Right? And probably you are here because of that only. Perhaps your anime-crazy friend pushed you to watch a specific anime show and here you are searching for a good app or site since you have no clue. Don’t you worry because we have your back.

Strictly for Anime lovers

Today’s blog post is solely meant for the anime lovers and the new ones who have just stepped into the world of magical anime. We all watched it growing up, read comics and webtoons too. And now, this gushing over the anime masterpieces is a given. Whether you are an age old anime watcher or a new one, check the post below and get your favorite app to view your anime all day long.

1. Funimation

Funimation is best for those users who need English subtitles or dubbing. Honestly, I myself need English subs in every drama I watch, so I can totally understand yours. Funimation has lots and lots of anime which are flawlessly dubbed in English.

If you are watching for free, then you have to deal with a bit of ads. This too has millions of users. And it is mostly made of fresh anime content.

2. AnimeFox

AnimeFox is a lovely and free anime streaming website which is much adored by all its users. It has all the anime content which you need, starting from the precious classics to the fresh and newest series, you can watch it all here.

Movies, series, genre, ratings, you can sort accordingly and then view. Except for the ads, like every other, there are not many complications in it. Rather it is a very smooth app.

3. YouTube

YouTube is our go to thing, isn’t it? Whether it is an episode of a long series or a brief movie, YouTube almost has it all. And most of the time it’s free. And if you have a YouTube premium, then that’s like a cherry on top. Youtube comes in handy for all those users who dislike subscribing to various anime sites.

And also for those who do not want to download any apps for streaming anime. Well, you have to bear with the ads in the videos and that’s a given since you get all for free. Most videos are downloadable so you can watch them later too.

4. Crunchyroll

The Crunchyroll app for Android is one of the finest platforms out there for watching anime. It is one of the go places for all anime lovers. It has more than ten million downloads and is widely loved by all its users. Starting from classics to the most recent ones, it has all. All you need is to visit the play store, download it and enjoy. Except for the ads, there are not any major cons of this app.

5. VRV

VRV comes both free of cost and also at a paid plan of $10 per month. Of course the paid plan comes with premium content and exclusive benefits. But that does not dim the free streaming options.

All you have to do is download the app and then there is nothing stopping you from watching your favorite anime shows. When you are streaming for free, you have to deal with the ads in between but that I guess is manageable. And in the paid plan, there are no ads and more benefits as per the price charged.

6. Kissanime

Kissanime is a superb app in this list. It is rightly called as one of the best anime streaming app platforms available today. Whether it is movies or series, romance or thriller, horror or comedy, you can find it all here.

This app provides everything that an anime fan would ever dream for. It also offers an option of English subtitles and English dubbed ones. So you get to choose what you want.

7. AniMixPlay

AniMixPlay has made its way in this list swiftly. And just like its name suggests, you can watch every kind of anime here. It is better to watch your anime shows directly on the website rather than going for its app version.

However the content remains more or less the same in both. Both the app and website are easy and smooth. And you can even download episodes or movies on the app version.

8. Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is not just a hub for movies and series but also a haven for anime lovers. Even though it does not have plenty of anime content like other specific anime streaming apps, it’s still good.

While there are more than a hundred million users of Amazon Prime, you can go for it only when you are comfortable with its subscription and find it worthwhile.

9. AnimeLab

AnimeLab is another great app which has made its way into this list. Coming armed with a swift and easy to use interface, this app allows you to enjoy your favorite anime.You can watch for free all your favorite episodes in 480p and some occasional ads.

Well, that is how the free features are kept free. It’s a vastly growing platform and is currently available only in New Zealand and Australia.

10. Netflix

Netflix. You really don’t belong to the 21st century gen Z if you don’t have Netflix. Whether it’s for sports, thrillers, movies or anime, Netflix is a must. Netflix comes in monthly to yearly subscriptions.

And even though it’s not free, at least it’s like a rescue for those users who do not have any access to other anime streaming apps. It has billions of users and a vast array of anime. You can view in your desired picture quality and also download to watch later.

All your anime content at one place

All the above mentioned apps are great on their own. And please note that they are not arranged in any particular manner. The numbering done is for representative purpose only. And does not reflect the quality or standard of any particular app. So you can select the one best suited to you, and enjoy your anime shows for free.

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