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This story is not just about today or of recent times, rather it goes back to very olden times. Soccer or more popularly known as football is a global game. And of course has a broader fanbase as compared with cricket or other famous sports. The football or soccer fans are scattered all across the world. And the best part about soccer is that it can be played even by the poorest of people. Unlike other sports which require expensive instruments and equipment to be played, soccer can be played almost anywhere. All you need is a good ball. Since you have searched up this blog, you surely would be an NFL fan. Yet, for the unversed, NFL refers to the popular National Football League.

Now nothing will stop your NFL craze

This NFL is similar to the cricket World Cup series. And of course, it has an even more craze amongst people, globally. The NFL has thirty-two teams mostly and the players are much adored by their die-hard fans. In the year of 2017, much before the global pandemic of COVID-19 hit us, the NFL had made a revenue of $12713.54 million. Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? Well, that’s how popular it is. So in this blog post, I’m going to discuss some of the best yet free NFL streaming sites. And if you are reading here now, then you must know that this post is all about football and it’s fans. 😉 So without any further delay, scroll below and check the sites out, where you can stream your favorite soccer matches of the NFL, now itself.

1. NFL WebCast

NFL WebCast

The NFL WebCast  is a primary choice of all NFL fans. And it is more popular among those fans who do not like paid subscriptions to watch the NFL games. This site provides you with superior-quality video of matches. Forget your credit cards and registrations, because you do not need any of those here. With few to negligible ads, this site allows you to watch the Pre season and playoffs too in high quality. All you have to do is connect with the official streaming channels of the NFL like WatchESPN, Fox Sports, CBS etc and enjoy watching the matches without any delay. The main reason why this site is so looked upon is that the users do not need any kind of signing in or registration or subscription to watch their NFL games. And it is totally free of cost, so that is the best part.

2. Fox Sports

Fox Sports

Fox Sports  is like a household name these days. And why not. The Fox sports website has lots of viewers and mostly it is for the NFL. Here, you can watch many different sports other than NFL as well. To stream your favorite NFL matches online for free, all you need to do is connect your TV provider at the sure. And then you can enjoy glitch free, smooth streaming of back to back NFL matches. All the videos are streamed in high video and audio quality. You do not require registration and can still get a hold of mini video clips of latest NFL news and matches. The best part about this site is, there is no geological restriction and anyone can access it. With an easy to use and convenient interface, this site is simply great.



The is another great site for free streaming NFL matches. And it had to be here in this list. This site is a very trustworthy and reliable platform for all the NFL lovers. And especially it is liked more by those who prefer watching NFL content from legal, authorised and valid sources without paying a penny. On, you can enjoy all such features and more. This site allows you to view the NFL matches in good picture and sound quality without any watching limits. You do not require any registration or any sort of sign in or subscription for this. And gives you a pretty long list of free sites for streaming NFL. One of the unique features of this platform is that it gives you links to stream the matches directly. And the actual reviews by their users.

4. NFL Game Pass

NFL Game Pass
NFL Game Pass

The NFL Game Pass is one of the most preferred and liked sites of all time to stream NFL matches online and free of cost. Being a very trusted, reliable and legal source of streaming your NFL matches online, this site really stands up to it’s users’ expectations. It is officially registered with the NFL Enterprises LLC. And it allows all users a free trial for an entire year. Yes, you can have access to all NFL matches and other related stuff for 365 days. And that too without any kind of hassel. All you need is ro register at the site and there you go. The best part about NFL Game Pass is that it allows you to view the matches with all iOS, Windows and Android operating systems. And of course in high definition picture and sound quality.

Get the best out of NFL with these free streaming sites

I truly hope that all of you would have surely enjoyed today’s blog. This post is dedicated to the never dying sports enthusiasts, and especially for the football fans who cannot stay away from their favorite NFL matches. All the websites for streaming NFL online free of cost are unique in their own ways. All of them are good ones. So, do note that the numbering done here is solely for representative purposes. And it does not define the standard, popularity or quality of any particular site. You can scroll through and check out each site differently. And then use the one which you are most comfortable with. Enjoy.

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