Best PS2 Emulator for Android 2022

If you are a regular at Techholicz and have read my previous blog posts, then you must have come across the GBA emulators for Mac, which I made for the GBA fans, a few times ago. So this post is all about the super popular PS2. And here, I’ll discuss with you all what are the best PS2 emulators for Android. For the ones who are new here, let me tell you what emulators are and a brief introduction on play stations.

So an emulator means a program which lets you run software from a different device on your desktop or computer. And these emulators are mostly used for gaming purposes only. They are free of cost and all you have to do is to download them and there you go with it. The playstation is a home video gaming console. And it is a very popular and cherished gaming stuff of all times. Ask any gamer and they will start an entire encyclopedia on what a play station is and why you have to have it anyhow. Well that’s that, now let’s move on.

For all the PlayStation lovers

With evolving times, the gaming world too has evolved a lot. And earlier, when we used to pester our parents to get us a computer on which we can play games, to begging them to get us a play station and now taking our games everywhere with us, we have come a long way. There is hardly an Android phone which does not have any preinstalled games in it. And now, with the PS emulators for android, it is like a cherry on top. So without any further ado, scroll below and find out the best PS2 emulators for Android.

1. Pro PlayStation

Pro PlayStation
Pro PlayStation

The Pro PlayStation is an amazing cross platform PS2 Emulator for android. And that is exactly how it has made it’s way in this small yet curated list. The best part of this emulator is that it stimulates the original gameplay. With a very easy to use Interface and convenient functioning, it gives a very smooth gaming experience overally. Other features of this efficient emulator include maps, saving states, the on screen controllers, better compatibility and much more. It also consumes very less power and provides support for the hardware controllers.



The PPSSPP is one of the most popular Android emulator for PS2 of all times. It let’s you take the real fun of all the super famous PS2 games in its original way. And all of this happens from the comfort of your home. Or should I say, from your own definition of comfort. This app boasts a proud 4.2+ stars rating on the Google Play store. And is currently enjoyed by millions of people globally. The optimisation while playing the games here is awesome. And it’s easy and interactive appearance gives a beat and clean feel to the gamers.



The PTWOE is a must in this PS2 Emulator for android list. This was made available on the play store earlier but was later removed for unknown reasons. Now, you can go to it’s official site and download it from there. And that is all you have to do to play your most favorite PS2 video games on your mobile phone. You will find two different versions of PTWOE. You can download them both and check which one best suits your Android device. Both are different so you need to check to decide which is better. And the last thing which you require for best results is the BIOS file.

4. Golden PS2

Golden PS2
Golden PS2

The Golden PS2 is a PS2 Emulator for Android which is much revered by all its users around the globe. If you had to describe this emulator in brief words, then you can state boldly that it has almost everything that a PS2 gaming freak needs. Just like it’s name, this Android emulator stands up to the expectations of every user. It provides you with a multi threaded support for enhanced speed during games. And it also supports more than ninety percent of the PS2 video games. Being totally free of cost, it is very compatible with the vast range of ROMs.

Now take your PS2 everywhere with you

All these PS2 emulators for Android are really good on their own ways. And hence there should not be any comparison amongst them since they are differently built. You do not require any gaming console to play the games. Your mobile is sufficient for it. Also note that the numbering done is only to present these emulators in an organized way, nothing more and nothing less. Those numbering does not determine the quality or standard of any. Hence, you are free to check those out individually. And then get the one which suits you the best and the one which best matches your need.

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