Best Logo Maker Software 2022

A logo is one of the most important aspects of a product, a company, a sports team or anything that requires an identity. A good logo must be able to represent the object.

Creating a logo does not only require the use of a computer device with complicated software.

This time, Techholicz will offer recommendations for a series of the best Logo Maker applications for Android that are easy to use and free.

Collection of the best free Logo Maker app for Android phones.
You do not need to use graphic design software such as Adobe Photoshop, which you can use on a PC or laptop. The problem is that some of these applications are enough to meet your needs!

From a series of applications available on Google Play, the following seven recommendations from Techholicz are the best logo creator application for Android phones.

1. Logo Maker Pro Free

logo maker pro free

Applications that receive the highest rating compared to other logo applications, 4.4 / 5. Logo Maker Pro Free is a name that offers a variety of professional tools and quite high design standards.

This application created by Intro Media is one of the favorites since there are more templates for logos, images and sources than other applications.

However, you can create and design logos in a few minutes.

2. Logo Maker – Logo Creator, Generator and Designer

logo maker logo creator

You are a faithful user of Adobe Photoshop, it is definitely very suitable for the next application Logo Maker: Logo Creator, Generator & Designer is an Android application with an intuitive menu similar to Photoshop.

With this application, you can edit photos professionally with the included tools, but they are still brilliant.

3. Logo Maker & Logo Creator

logo maker and creator

The first application is Logo Maker & Logo Creator. With this application, you can create a logo for all your needs in minutes.

For those who have no shadow, this application also offers templates that you can select for your logo.

You, who have mediocre cutting skills, should not be afraid either. This application has fairly simple tools that are guaranteed to be easy to use for anyone, even those who have never worked on the logo before.

4. Logo Maker: Design and create.

logo maker design and create

Logo Maker: Design & Create offers features similar to previous applications. Do you want a simple, but elegant and dignified logo? Then you are exactly here.

The application also offers a large selection of logo templates that support almost all image formats, such as PNG, JPG and ICO.

Do not worry, this application contains light, although it supports high resolution images.

5. Logo Maker Plus – Graphic design and logo generator.

logo maker plus

As one of the best applications of Logo Maker, Logo Maker Plus – Graphic design and Logo Generator gives you a lot of space to create the best logos.

This application has a variety of collections in almost all categories, whether images, text or effects.

In addition, the applications created by Logopit can be used for many purposes. In addition to the logos, this application also allows you to create Facebook covers, Twitter headlines and YouTube video thumbnails. Great, right?

6. 3D logo design

3d logo design

You, who want to create your logo with a three-dimensional effect, also known as 3D, are very committed to using this application.

With this application, known as 3D logo design, you can make good designs that use only text and complexes with different 3D images and get good results.

7. Logo Maker – Pro Logo Creator

logo maker and pro logo creator

This application for Content Arcade applications deserves to be classified as one of the best applications of logo creators available on Android.

They are not significantly different from the previous application. You can design logos for different purposes quickly and easily, but with results that should not be underestimated.

The numerous tools available and the ease of use of this application also provide a number of advantages of Logo Maker – Pro Logo Creator.

Another advantage is that the text in the logo can be easily changed to integrate it better.

End of the word

Well, that’s the recommendation of the application to create the best logo on an Android phone that you can use and download easily.

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