10 Best Games like Corruption of Champions 2022

Corruption of Champions is an erotic text-based flash game running on a browser, which can’t be overlooked because of its high popularity since its release into the gaming community. This game drew a ton of positive responses, from all the flash games lover around the world. Many gamers look for similar games like Corruption of Champions, so we have come up with list of alternatives for the same.

What is Corruption of Champions?

It’s text-based, browser-based flash games and minimal OS support, but sadly they’re out of the league right now. Furthermore, we hardly come across games like this, and another explanation is that carnal games are hard to find.

Okay, what’s the storyline?

Awe-inspiring! You’re going to live among the villages as a simple person. But that doesn’t preclude you from taking part in the game.

The village normally recruits warriors to help fight and repel enemy attacks. Children are lost, and numerous bad things are taking place here and there. Abuse of Champions is a challenge that is worth watching. But one of them would finally get sick of playing endlessly, one day.

The concept introduced by Corruption of Champions was so interesting that there are many such games which came into existence after its release.

List of Top Games Like Corruption of Champions

So, if you’re bored with Corruption of Champions but want to try its alternative, here we have curated a nice shortlist of top 10 games likes corruption of champions. Let’s dive in.

1. Carnal Souls

Carnal Souls

Carnal Souls is an open-world fantasy video game based on RPG, with a lot of erotic things in it. It provides battle modes to remind you of the Witcher Series and to encourage you to book with bosses and enemies. You have a range of ways to seduce demons.

This game features a mind-blowing plot, a range of ways to change characters, solve and discover storylines, find secrets, and visit mysterious new areas.

2. Kingdom of Loathing

Kingdom of Loathing

The Kingdom of Loathing is a turn-based game and a stunning contrast to the Corruption of Champions in any dimension. At the beginning of this amazing game, you’ll have the ability to modify the character you’re going to use.

And excitingly, you will still be able to pick your chosen gender and character level. You need to sign in to play the game.

3. Trials in Tainted Spaces

Trials in Tainted Spaces

Trials in Tainted Spaces, a game similar to Corruption of Champions and also designed by the same company named Fenoxo and the CoC team. Again, this is the most sought after RPG based text game after the CoC title.

4. Flexible Survival

10 Best Games like Corruption of Champions 2022 1

Developer Nuku Velente has made this game quite similar to the popular Corruption of Champions. No reason it is one the quite acceptable alternative to its original counterpart.

The combat and roleplay are all of the remarkable quality as one might have thought it to be. You can also choose your specific world with the added advantage of character customizations.

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5. The Poor Whore

10 Best Games like Corruption of Champions 2022 2

This is a treat for all the text-based games lovers out there. You can explore the vast surrounding, customize your character as per your needs and complete desired quests to level up.

For those of you who like lewd storylines, can get the experience via second-person perspective.

6. Free Cities


Developed by Twine 2 this erotic and slavery management game can be played in the supported browsers. One of its cons is its lack of customization features, unlike the others.

Players have enormous powers and can perform various duties, such as practising, buying, selling and managing the slave course, and much more.

7. Fall of Eden

Fall of Eden

Focusing on the occult theme of imps and ghosts, this game is being created by the Fenox. The game starts with a player discovering an abandoned area and unexpected discovery of the portal between earth and hell.

You need to communicate with queen Aria to endure the attack. Players do have an option to customize their characters.

8. Cypher: Cyberpunk Adventures

Cypher Cyberpunk Adventures

With great graphics and soundtracks, you’re going to love the game. However, unlike Corruption of Champions, you get a game that focuses more on a text-based adventure than on erotic elements.

The setting of the game is NeoSushi Village, this is an area you can visit while you play the game. You’re going to deal with things like learning about elevators and capsule hotels when you enjoy this game.

9. My very own Lith

My very own Lith

It is an exciting browser-based game that offers players a feeling of smooth adventure. It has flexible controls and audio. You get a lot of choices with the Lith when you play the game.

Lith is the lead character of a game that’s a timid cat with some simple needs and wants to meet a new friend. You will discover all the enigmas of Lith when you play the game.

10. Lilith’s Throne

Lilith's Throne

A game that is similar to CoC and TITS merged, Lilith’s Throne is a text-based RPG game that involves sexual scenes like a lot of other games on this list. This games is famous that gamers also search for games like liliths throne. Your mission will be to journey around the world and conquer the challenges that you face on the way. In other words, you’re going to confront demons, magical powers, and a companion on your journey. There’s quite a lot of action you’re going to enjoy.

Bottom Line

All the alternatives to Corruption of Champions are quite fun to play with. Furthermore, the erotic roleplay only adds to the excitement of the game. So turn on your PC’s and get on with these mini-games.

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