10 Best Goal setting Apps for Students in 2020 to make every student active

Education is very important to each and everyone. But not every student is active, that’s why students are categorized with their brilliance. Active and brilliant students take notes on lectures and keep every work done. This is not because of the task assigned to them, this is just because they want to do it. 

Not all students are alike. Slow learning students can’t be active because they don’t want to show interest. But this can be altered by setting some goals for them. Thus it is better to assign tasks to keep them on track. Though there are many applications to choose, some applications are unique and I have picked some of them. Let’s have a look at those applications.

Here are the list of top 10 applications

1. GoalsOnTrack

If you are searching for a good and offline application this is the best for you. You can access this both on websites and on your mobile phone.

Here you can set targets and take notes on them to keep your progress on track. They provide easy customizable settings to break your big tasks into small ones to make everything easy. You can set your goals online and watch your progress offline.

Visit Goalsontrack


Here is a handy application that helps you track your progress with smart access. This is like your checklist you create.

All you have to make a checklist of your daily targets. Once it was finished make a tick mark and move to your next target. This application provides a calendar format to give you a better performance.

Visit Joe’s Goals

3. Habit list

This application doesn’t provide only one way to create your target, you have multiple ways to create your targets. You can track your performance daily, weekly or monthly. This provides better understanding of your performance.

This application has a ‘repeat target throughout the week’ option, which makes your target setting easy with a single click. Students can also make marks as  completed, skipped or missed.

Visit Habit list


This is for combining your classroom students online. Here a teacher can assign the same tasks to everyone or different tasks to each student. 

You can label each group and can monitor their performance and make them challenging tasks.

Visit Whooo’s reading

5. Strides

This application provides a bright theme with colourful pictures. Students get attracted just because of its appearance.

Students can make daily targets and charts to monitor their performance. The brilliant settings allow you to concentrate on your goals.

Visit Strides

6. Toodledo

This application has many cool features that allows you to make a to-do-list and share them with your friends and tutors. 

Through this you can monitor your student better than any other software does. You can also mark deadlines to your targets to prevent yourself skipping from your task. These all features together make this perfect application.

Visit Toodledo

7. Coach.Me

This is one of the coolest applications that is used by most of the students and teachers. This is a special application that has a free version and paid version too.

Unlike other applications it doesn’t use algorithms to help you get smart. There are trained professionals to help you achieve the leadership goals. That’s why this is a  special application among others.

Visit Coach.me

8. Stickk

Here comes the unique application designed for only parents and students. After installing this application, there is no need to keep on asking your children about their progress. You can monitor them on your own. 

This application allows your children to invite their friends to join with their tasks and then their whole class can do work commonly. 

Visit Stickk

9. Balanced

Unlike other applications it won’t stop with academic performance, you can do other things as well. It provides better and smart target settings to make your progress easy.

You can make tasks and make a deadline to complete within your time limits. This application serves its best towards your education.

10. Smart Goals

This is also like other applications which allows you to set goals and makes you complete within the marked deadline. This application has a unique and easy setting. 

It comes with a unique setting that helps your students to share their progress on social networks. This application makes your students to bring a healthy competition among themselves.


I have given all those spectacular applications on the goal setting. All you have to do is pick the right one and start making progress. 

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