10 Best Strategy Games for Low end PC 2022

Strategy Games are best game , allowing extreme experience and those are one of the richest and most diverse genres of PC games on the world. There are lot of good strategy games, old and new, that can run on laptops and other low-end systems. For those who want to get into the strategy genre without having to opt for the most expensive systems, we’ve put together a list of the best low-end PC strategy games. 

Now you are searching for best strategy games for Low end pc? Then here is the best list of them and choose:

1. Battle Brothers


The best strategy game of all time for low-end platforms is the crown jewel of a game from Overhype Studios, Battle Brothers. Almost everything that has made every other game great on the list, Battle Brothers is easily matched and surpassed, despite its simple graphics and low demands on system performance. The game lacks a central narrative, but it replaces it with a solid core of emergent narrative. 

2. This war of mine

this war of mine

This War of Mine is a best management game where players will have to make the most of the limited resources they have, while taking care of people, physical needs and their psychology. Not everyone can pick up a gun and kill at will with no consequences, and the game does a great job at keeping the consequences of the player’s actions front and center. 

3. Star Wars-Empire at war

10 Best Strategy Games for Low end PC 2022 1

Empire at War immediately stands out for its setting, in addition to being a rare strategy game set in the universe of the same name.The first step towards is to build a base for your troops and Build a mine to harvest gold and pumps to produce oil, these resources help you fund and upgrade your troops and buildings mine. 

But you also have to set up defenses, or an opponent country can steal your resources! From anti-aircraft missiles to deadly mines to flamethrowers and more, you’ll be able to defend your village against your enemies and show them that you’re not the right empire to mess with!

4. Starcraft


Starcraft is a real-time strategy game for Low end pc and set in outer space in the early 26th century. Players will be immersed in a war between 4 different species, which are playable in the game. The battle between Protos, Terrans and Zergs is at the heart of the game, the gameplay element being resource management. , build bases and strategize to capture other factions. 

5. Among us


 Among us, a group of 410 players competed against each other. 13 players are impostors, while the rest are teammates. Teammates must complete a list of quests and find out who the impostor is. Meanwhile, the impostors act as crew members so they can stealthily sabotage the ship. If your family struggles to stay cool during 4 hours of playing Monopoly, challenge them to this game.

6. Faster Than light

FTL’s intricate strategic gameplay lets you to your crew, manage the distribution of your ship’s power, and target your weapons in battle. You will encounter alien life forms and unique technology. You can upgrade your ships and unlock new ships using six different alien races. Be the captain you want: Hundreds of messenger encounters will force you to make tough decisions

7. Rise of Nations


Rise of Nations is developed by Big Huge Games and features 18 civilizations and 8 ages of world history. It is consistently ranked and considered to be one of the best games of all time in the real-time strategy genre.

This game holds hours of fun with so many different campaigns and settings to muddle with and experiment. Rise of Nations, cities are the focus of your each strategy and Each of your cities has a radius around which is your country border. 

8. Empire

10 Best Strategy Games for Low end PC 2022 2

Empire is developed by Good Game Studios and it is free to play, best strategy game with great multiplayer online game. Empire Four Kingdoms is an MMO that experiences the rise of four civilizations and empires, where castles are built and kings compete for victory, an experience in the age of empires. 

9. The Banner Saga

banner saga

A unique fantasy world inspired by Norse mythology – explore a dark world shaped by Viking lore. Explore ancient traditions and fight tooth and nail to create a new stronghold in a world abandoned by the gods.

Stunning 2D spinning glass animations immerse you in beautifully hand-drawn animations and combat sequences, accompanied by an evocative score by Grammy-nominated composer Austin victory. 

10. Shogun


Shogun is a real-time strategy game for Low end PC set in feudal Japan and tells the adventures of a Japanese clan during the Warring States period. The objective of the game is to conquer the entire nation and claim the Shogun’s position. 

 The actions of the player must be measured carefully, for it is not just war that is seen as the only solution. Instead, the player must wage political and diplomatic warfare while managing economies to succeed.

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