10 Best Teamviewer Alternatives-Better way to stay away from any Hackings

Those days are gone, where the people experienced insecure and buffering connections. Now the technology made it possible to access their systems remotely. One of the best remote accessing tools isTeamviewer’, it was published in 2005. It was well known for its connectivity as it connects to as many devices you want. Unlike other applications it doesn’t require any additional software and it supports every major OS for laptops and even for mobile too. This application has also special features that include screen sharing, online meeting recordings, audio and video calls and file sharing. 

Why do people want an alternative?

In addition to all these advantages it also has the equal disadvantage. This site became a vector for the hackers to install their malfunction tool to their devices and started to do things as per their wish. They even hacked their bank accounts associated with that . When the users complained about these issues, they started blaming their breaches on careless use instead of tightening the security. That’s why people are looking for any alternatives that replace this Teamviewer with that same function or better function. Here I  have the handpicked collections of those alternatives that give their best when compared to this Teamviewer. 

1. AnyDesk

   If you are looking for an Teamviewer alternative which looks like the same Teamviewer, this is the best place. This application has tons of features like the old Teamviewer and allows you to control your device remotely. This service gives one of the fastest data transmission rates. This AnyDesk can support any device like Windows, Android, iOS and more. Then what else, the security. They are using banking-standard TLS 1.2 technology along with RSA 2048 asymmetric encryption just to verify every connection it receives. So need not worry about the privacy attacks. They are very small in size, only 2MB. This is not a free application, it costs you.

2. Dameware

When compared to other alternatives for Teamviewer, Dameware is one of the efficient applications. It is very easy to operate as it operates very PCs that are inside or outside of your network. It contains system tools and TCP utilities. So you can remotely troubleshoot your computer without launching a full remote control session. The only cons is, it doesn’t have a screen recording facility. The pricing is high and you can use a short period of free trial. 

3. Join.me

This is effective and effective for setting meetings in just a step. It also offers a screen recording facility. People from anywhere can connect through this platform without fearing about your privacy security. You can join one another without exposing yourself. The only negative is, it can only operate on Windows and macOS X. Here it is possible to organize ordinary conferences for up to ten participants and video transmissions for up to five people. But this is not a free site to use. 

4. Splashtop

This app gives you comfortable access while using apps, regardless of device they are using. This version is applicable for non-commercial use. This costs you some amount when you want remote access via the internet. When you once subscribe you can not only transfer files but also you can communicate with local printers. The negative is it is not an all-in-one solution.

5. Mikogo

If you often use Teamviewer for meetings you can prefer this Mikogo. This is not a free alternative to Teamviewer. Unlike other applications it doesn’t need any separate installation it can be even accessed at browsers and on all the devices. It allows 25 members at a time to access. After a free trial of 14 days you have to pay for the professional content if you continuously want to use this website.

6. ThinVNC

If you are new to this website, don’t trouble yourself. You are offered beginner friendly remote access to every device like Windows, Android, macOS and much more. This application needs no installation and download as it can be used on any desktop browser with HTML 5 support. Transferring us much quicker and simply as you can access tag computers remotely from your mobile. But in the view of security point, this is not structured with high security. 

7. Chrome remote desktop

Complexity is one of the major problems that most people experienced while using Teamviewer. But Google’s extension chrome solves this problem. You can remotely access any devices from anywhere using this Google chrome. All you have to do is make some configuration settings in chrome browser and make a connection to your PC. It provides a simpler and interactive platform with high performance and free of cost. But using this you can’t transfer files. 

8. WebEX

It gives access to the users for sharing through video and audio calls. The application is available via the Cisco WebEX cloud, distributed across data centers worldwide in order to provide maximum bandwidth and availability for each user. With this you can organize web meetings of up to hundred participants. But the negative is, there is no application for desktop PCs.

9. DWservice

This is a free application which doesn’t cost you for their service. This is a flexible service that works on all devices like Windows, Android, macOS and much more. This application provides a cake walk through their service by offering strong and secured connections. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a lot of features you are used to in Teamviewer.

10. Parallels Access

This application provides the fastest, simplest and most reliable remote access to your computer anywhere. Though all the mentioned apps have mobile applications, this application servers it’s better experience through mobile apps. It also has gesture support. The connection never fails on this application. It is free for personal use and costs for using further.


I gave the all  best applications that can be used as an alternative to this Teamviewer at affordable prices. It is better to pay some amount to experience good quality.

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