Top 5 solutions on How to Fix FireStick / Fire TV Overheating Problem

Not all FireStick gadgets would overheat. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you are here, yours most likely did. Overheating puts the FireStick at the danger of perpetual harm if not dealt with. It likewise impacts the exhibition of the gadget. It hinders route, yet you additionally experience all the more buffering, slacks, and even network issues. In this article I am going to give you a better and cool 5 solutions to overcome this overheating problem.

Top 5 solutions

  1. Use the HDMI Extender:

It would be an extraordinary thought to utilize the HDMI extender to plug your firestick into your television. Without the extender, your Firestick adheres excessively near the television, which hinders the wind current. Your television likewise produces heat. This further keeps the FireStick from chilling off. 

Truth be told, it even adds to FireStick overheating. HDMI extender will help make some separation between the two creation the FireStick progressively presented to the wind stream. This, thus, will help extraordinarily in keeping FireStick from getting overheated.

  1. Clear unnecessary cache for heavy apps:

Cache is the computer memory used for the storage of instructions or data. It stores a separate storage on your device. Cleaning them would help you stoping the heating process.

  • Select Settings on the home menu.
  • Then select Applications.
  • Next, select Manage Installed Applications.
  • Then select an app from the list.
  • Finally, choose either Clear data or Clear cache.

If you choose clear cache it will remove the junk files. If you choose clear data every storage of that app will be erased that includes the login information too.

  1. Insert FireStick in the side panel of the TV:

This is another significant thing to remember. Most televisions accompany different HDMI contributions (at any rate two). You will discover contributions to the back and on the television.

You may connect your FireStick the back board. In any case, it will be too packed and less presented to wind stream. Then again, side boards are increasingly uncovered and henceforth there is more wind stream.

Regardless of whether you are utilizing the HDMI extender, it is sufficiently short to keep your FireStick shrouded away behind the television. The perfect and cleaned up look won’t be destroyed.

  1. Unplug your FireStick to refresh everything:

Clearing store and power shutting the application forestalls FireStick overheating issues. Be that as it may, you should do that separately for each application. There is an opportunity you may have different applications running out of sight with a lot of store records.

One path is to free the reserve from each application and power stop it exclusively. It will require some investment however. The other choice is to just shut down your FireStick. Since there is no worked in alternative to shutdown your FireStick, you should do it physically.

Unplug the gadget from the force source. Keep it unplugged for a couple of moments until your FireStick chills off. Presently, plug the gadget back in.This will end all the applications running out of sight and clear any store. 

  1. Delete APK files after installing third-party apps:

Once the application is introduced, the APK records are not, at this point required. Notwithstanding, they are not erased naturally. You should erase them physically to clear up space and forestall FireStick from overheating.

In the event that you use downloader to sideload applications, it gives you the alternative to erase the APK document. Here is the thing that you can do: 

  • Once the application is introduced, click Done 
  • Snap delete 
  • Snap delete again to erase the APK record of the application you introduced.


I have given almost all the possible steps. If nothing else seems to work, the only DIY troubleshooting left to do is reset your FireStick. Resetting will restore your device to the factory defaults. It will remove all the apps you have installed and wipe out all the custom settings. In other words, you will need to configure your FireStick from the scratch; like you just took it out from the box.

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