CODE: Z (Left 4 Dead) MOD APK v1.11.14 + OBB Download 2021 [Latest]

Surely, most of you have seen zombie apocalypse movies, zombie apocalypse TV shows, and even played zombie apocalypse video games. The thrill and adrenaline rush you get off of these games is amazing. In Code Z MOD APK You’re alone, walking around, in a dark and eerie atmosphere, seeing the shadows and silhouettes of what might be zombies, collecting food, water, medicine, and weapons which are equally vital for your survival and blowing the heads off of zombies is an experience.

I’m sure many of us have thought about a zombie apocalypse and how each of us would survive if there was one like what weapons we would use, what vehicles we would use and so much more. Well luckily for us, a company in China has taken that thought and converted into a game available for android users. It is called Code: Z and it is similar to one of the biggest gaming franchises in the horror-survival genre, Left 4 Dead. Let us go through the features of the game.

The Objectives and Features

CODE Z Left 4 dead icon
CODE Z (Left 4 dead)

The objective is quite self-explanatory, surviving, killing zombies, and protecting the planet from these deadly creatures called zombies like every other zombie survival game.  

The player or the survivor is supposed to make their way through different towns, strategically hiding and getting rid of as many zombies as possible. As you progress, you might win a range of rewards that you can cash in to upgrade your weapons and ammunition thereby making you a stronger and more powerful survivor.


The more you upgrade, the easier it becomes for you to survive. The journey becomes smooth. 

Code: Z provides players with a variety of weapons from each gun category like assault rifles, sub-machine guns, machine guns, shotguns, explosives, and even rocket-propelled grenades.

You have the option to switch between third-person and first-person views but it is preferred by players to play in the third-person view as it gives you the classic vibes of a zombie survival game. Did I mention it is also a multiplayer survival game? Yes, crazy isn’t it? So, the survivor, have the option to form alliances with other players which is obviously going to make your gameplay much more fun and intense. You and your friends in a zombie apocalypse trying to survive, it does not get better than that. 

Along this intense journey, players will find different items of aid that serve as a helping hand. Items that might help you heal and restore your health. This is a survival game, so the most important thing is making sure you have enough health. 

code-z ( left for dead )-2 mod apk
CODE Z (Left 4 dead)

To make things more challenging and adding to the horror, even weather dynamics have been incorporated into the game. It might be a bright and sunny day during gameplay, but this can and will turn into an ominous atmosphere instantly making the game much scarier than what it actually is. This obviously makes it tougher to hunt down and kill zombies. So, you need to make sure you’re always focused and on the move. There is no time for relaxation. 

Players even have the option to send radio signals to ask for help, for the repairing of your vehicles or even basic fuel necessities.  

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Steps to Download CODE: Z ( Left 4 Dead) Mod Apk with Download

Size400 MB
Rating 4.4

Steps to Install CODE: Z (Left 4 Dead) MOD Apk

  1. Click download and wait for CODE: Z Mod.apk to download.
  2. This downloaded file can be saved on either your phone’s memory or your SD card.
  3. Install the APK file in your device by allowing Unknown Application Permission first.
  4. After installing the APK file, you can now open the APK file and enjoy the game. 

Download CODE Z ( Left 4 Dead ) Mod APK

Download CODE Z Mod Apk


Once you have the game installed onto your phone, mentally prepare yourself, find a bunch of players, form allies and watch out for the obvious traitors, gather resources, keep upgrading your items so that you are always one step ahead of the zombies and other players in-game and finally become the brave and last man standing.

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