10 Best Games like IMVU

The online virtual world has only gotten bigger and more immeasurable with the advancement of technology. We all are often fascinated by the ever-expanding virtual community. Online Games like IMVU, assists us, in accomplishing that aim further.

What is IMVU?

Instant Messaging Virtual Universe, popularly known as IMVU is a virtual world simulation that had been around since 2004. It’s one of the games that connect numerous players encompassing the world. The game allows a virtual and simple platform to play among 13 and 25 years of age. IMVU proffers you the capability to design your avatar and customize your character based on your choices. It assists users to unite with a lot of players from all across the world and get a chance to know about other cultures.

Several free online games work close to the IMVU. Here we’ll list some of the most popular and best games like IMVU:

1. Our World

Our World

Our World is another standard virtual experience letting you to play mini-games online and to do activities amidst other players as well. It’s just a game for the youngsters.

This game uses the currency called Flow. You can exchange the currency for coins or even EXP.

Our World also utilises microtransactions similar to other video gamers these days, which signifies that if you want to receive keys to diamonds, you have to contribute genuine money. Such gems are used to purchase in-game items such as chairs, shoes, and even clothes. This interactive universe has a lot of attractive features like marriage and adoption.

2. Second Life

Second Life

Second Life is expecting for you in the virtual universe, with an abundance of entertainment and relaxation. This game supplies you an exceptional room to highlight your vision. Devising your own 3D content and leading it into the internet mesh. Do business on this virtual network to gather as many virtual bills as you can, to transform it into real money.

3. Twinity

10 Best Games like IMVU 1

Play the immersive game in cities such as New York, Tokyo, Singapore and Berlin. Twinity provides you with the opportunity to share big planet possessions with friends around the world. Besides that, the Twinity also has the immersive 3D reality for sensing the exact life in the reel world. You can also develop your own island to organise events, have fun with extraordinary pleasure, in addition to the colossal link with the universe.

4. Habbo Hotel

10 Best Games like IMVU 2

Habbo Hotel is the Sulake-launched App that operates like IMVU. You can design your own avatar here to make friends. You will be proffered plenty of opportunities to personalize your character and other unique characters will be suggested under the locked portion where you require to pay to obtain them. Explore the game in numerous themes and begin the game’s military-style, and get imaginary jobs.

5. The Sims Life Stories

The Sims Life Stories

If you’re the computer simulation aficionado then you might learn about the computer Sims for sure. Although there are many resemblances between The Sims Life Stories and Sims the player can encounter the game in a different way. The major discrepancy is that the game has two separate storylines with two central figures, respectively Riley Harlow and Vincent Moore. Your intention in this game is to make specific characters sufficient in their lives. And during your journey, you can unhitch some things too.

6. Avakin Life

Avakin Life

IMVU’s strength is its ability to converse with people around the globe. So this game that’s close to IMVU should provide you with the opportunity to engage and have a good chat with several new friends. Avakin Life is open to playing with trendy and chic lifestyle and can generate and customize your own avatars. Make an apartment for your dreams and have wildlife of music, dance and more with friends.

7. Kaneva


Obtain Kava coins by producing a virtual universe complete of your own environment. Earn points for every single job that you finished. Show the world your creativity by planning your own eye-catching rooms and flats which you can sell to acquire Kava coins in the Kaneva. Relish the music and club nightlife, and have fun with vivid tournaments.

8. Club Cooee

10 Best Games like IMVU 3

Build your own character utilising the various facial expressions provided. Shop a wide range of items such as shirts, shoes, caps, skirts, waistcoats, flags, crowns, flowers and hats. For certain special stuff, you can purchase the above goods using the game currencies or by regular currencies. The next step of this game is to pick your room from three separate groups such as the main one, the quiz rooms and the DJ rooms. The best perspective of this game is the DJ room where you can upload your personal music so everyone can hear too. Club Cooee also helps players to embrace the music and dance simultaneously with it.

9. Touch


Touch is a dance simulation and this version has a number of versions to it. When you’re just browsing Google, you’ll find different pages with the word Contact in it. We are very close and K-Pop music is involved.

If you enjoy playing this genre games with other players around the world, then Touch is for you.

10. Entropia Universe

10 Best Games like IMVU 4

Entropia Universe is another alternative to IMVU except its for the adults. It’s alike to Second Life but the game’s atmosphere is quite diverse. The game also assists you to swap in-game things like Second Life for real-life currency. 

Entropia is more about fishing, brewing, and mining, than just socializing with other men. You’ve got to purchase weapons, explosives, mining equipment etc. Having said that, you can also open shops to sell things in the game and socialize as in a virtual world.


Plunge into the enormous virtual world and have some fun with your friends and show off your virtual character to make them envious. So if you’re an IMVU fan, who loved playing IMVU in the past let us know if you savoured our abrupt shortlist of best IMVU like games. 

Share it with your friends who’re still unknown to the fantastic virtual world and let us know in the comments below.

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