How much power does a digital photo frame use?

Digital photo frames are a cool way to display your pictures. Minus the fact that you do not have to carry an album on your lap or hands, it also gives you a variety of different ways to display your pictures for all to see and also for your personal enjoyment. Can you recall a time when you visited that friend or relative and they bring out a paper album for you to look at? Remember thinking’ gosh these are a lot of pictures and I have to look at them all and also listen to a commentary about each one? Digital photo frame has removed that awkward feeling.

On the other hand as good as digital photo frames are, you also need to remember that they need electricity to power them and might not be as environmentally sensitive as you might like. Most digital photo frames come in a wide variety of prices and sizes. There are some frames which give you the option of storing your pictures memory cards or connecting your frame to a wireless network and pull your pictures from web pages or web services.

The beauty of digital photo frames is that it offers you a wider variety of options that a static photo album cannot. One such offering is playing music while your images change from one to another, or even from an internet radio station. You can also have a digital photo frame that plays video clips. What this means is, your digital phot frame have evolved from just been a means by which you can store and showcase your media to been a way a variety of media can be viewed. This is a great way to enjoy not just your images but other captured memories you cherish.

This amount of flexibility has rendered the static photo frame obsolete. Why would you have a choice of keeping your images and memorable videos in a timeless manner and opt for paper which would erode and get bad with time. Although there are some pictures which where taken before the invent of the digital photo frame which we treasure as an ode to the past. Asides this, digital photo frames, give you the option of displaying your pictures in a particular order, just show your images randomly, or even display several images at the same time.

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The only possible down side to digital photo frames is the power they consume to give you this delightful experience. As much as some people would prefer a battery powered digital photo frame, it seems easier to connect it to electricity and not worry about it running out of juice at any time. The problem here lies with it not been environmentally friendly to connect your digital photo frame to electricity constantly while preaching energy saving. When the digital photo frames where made, an 8-inch frame consumes 7 watts or 61.3 kilowatt hours of electricity annually. As much as this is a small amount, which translates to about $7 in electricity payment annually, the environmental cost is almost equal to 97.1 pounds of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere for one year.

This is a cause of concern not for your pocket as most people could afford a $7 increase in electricity payments, but when you place the larger impact of emissions into the atmosphere just to power a digital photo frame, it gives you a reason to pause and ask if it is worth it. You want to enjoy your images and video clips, but would you want the earth to slowly degrade because of that?

This challenge aside, the digital phot frame is a welcome development. Imagine going on vacation, shooting over 200 pictures, printing them out on paper, then having to chronicle them in the order they where taken into a paper album for memory sake. That is a whole day’s job that you would not be paid for. You would also have to specify the size of your album so you don’t print our images that wouldn’t fit. With a digital phot frame, these worries do not exist, the frame shows your pictures in a size that the frame comes in.

With this ease of use come the dip in your pockets. Digital photo frames are pricier than paper frames. So you would have so spend much more if you want this ease of enjoying your images. It gets even pricier when you decide to opt for a digital photo frame that has Wi-Fi display. This kind offers you the ability to connect to the internet and link you up with a diversity of media options. You would have the choice of video, websites, internet radio, music etc. you can hang it on a wall or place it on your desk.

With this kind of digital photo frame, you have the choice of a large variety of angles to place it, your smartphone photos will be shown on full screen, you have the choice of landscape and portrait display. You also have the choice of a digital photo frame that uses motion sensor which means when you leave the room , the frame goes dark, thereby helping you conserve energy. The memory space is large enough to hold over 2,000 images depending on the type of photo frame you buy.

Digital photo frames are here to stay and have made owing a static photo frame a thing of the past. There are still some concerns about the amount of energy they consume but it gets better and smaller as the product is innovated on. With the option of linking you up with the internet and expanding your media choice with the digital photo frame, most homes now lay claims to having one mounted. There are also digital phot frames which might just be set to showing only your favourite picture, it all depends on what you want. Get one today and enjoy timeless display of your images.

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