How to find the websites which accepts Guestposts?

Hello everyone, Today let us discuss SEO. If you are a blogger, if you are running a digital marketing agency, if you own your business website, or if you are in SEO department in the company, you will definitely look to rank higher in Google to get organic traffic from google rather from direct visitors. So every Website admins has to do On page and Off page SEO for their website, So that google shows as your relevant website for the relevant keyword for whichever google user searched for in the google search results.
So In this article, I’m gonna discuss about Off-Page SEO to optimize your website for Google.

So what is Off-page SEO ?:

I will give a clear picture of Off-page SEO. So If you have a website and created a great content which is Optimized according to SEO, By inserting proper keywords in the title, Meta description, and in the Content and also user-friendly content, but you are not ranking in google why? This is because you have forgotten to do Off-Page SEO. If I tell in the simple words-Off page is nothing but is Link Building for our website. Oh Now, what is this Link building (Backlinks)?. I will explain you, So If you have a website and did everything with the content, So there must be some other websites to tell that your website has a great content, in simple words, other relevant websites (websites belongs to your website Niche) need to support your website by inserting links of your website in their website. So this can be done by doing Guestposting in other websites.

So what is Guestposting?

Guestposting is nothing but, you will approaching other relevant websites which belongs to your kind of website by telling them that “ I want to contribute an article to your website, so that content will help in ranking your website, in return I need a backlink from that article to my website”. In this way you need to approach other websites. So, for example, you have technology website take it as Techholicz, so you need to approach technology website for backlinks. By this method you can get good quality backlinks. There are other methods as well like commenting on other blogs, but blog commenting will be under No-follow attribute, so it doesn’t affect in ranking, forum submission, directory submission. So you need to get the Dofollow backlink from other websites, So the best method is Guestposting by get a backlink from good websites.

So how to find websites who accepts Guest posts?

There are different methods to find the website which belongs to your website, which I will disscuss further.

1. Use google to find the Relevant website:
You can use google as a tool to get a relavant website which belongs to your niche. Just type “Your keyword” and find lot of website in search results and contact them.

2. Use “ keyword”+write for us technique:
This is best method to find relevant website who accepts guest post, by following this method you conversion rate will be high since you are getting a website who are ready to publish the article in their website. So how to do it For example . Just type in Google search bar “ Technology+ Write for us” and press enter. Now you will get the list of the websites who accept guest posts, You can try other attributes also like” Technology+ Guest post”, Technology+Contribute” etc.

3. Use SEO tools to find the other blogs.
There are many SEO tools, with the help of it, you can extract the backlink information of other competitor websites, Tools like SEM Rush, Ahrefs, Buzzsumo, SEO Profiler etc. So using this method you can easily find the websites what other competitor websites got a backlinks from. So that the conversion rate will be high, Since they have already agreed to Guest post for other websites.

So I hope you Understood the Basics of Off-page SEO and Link Building technique, So pull up your sleeves and start getting a backlink from relevant websites and generate good traffic to your website. So I’m Gonna teach other great SEO techniques as well, So stay tuned with Techholicz.

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