How to fix Instagram couldn’t refresh feed – Solution

Instagram is one of the most popular used social media platform which is developed by Facebook, another social media giant. Instagram is basically used to share videos and photos to the world. Instagram has one of the biggest group of the user, also called an active group user of about more than a billion user worldwide. Also, it has more than 5 million downloads from the Google Play Store and has been rated five stars by more than 1 million users. Instagram is not only a photo or video sharing platform but also a platform that shares knowledge and information around the world. Instagram has been growing rapidly and building a large and strong community, which is not only working on social awareness but also different topics like environment, education, political issues, movies, etc. Instagram is also a source of income for many users as it allows sponsored advertisements on the platform.

couldnt refresh feed in instagram

Instagram has a large group of the team which maintains and develops the platform so that its user does not face any kind of problem. But it is generally noticed that many users, especially iOS user face problems relating to the feeds which are shown on the Instagram homepage. It shows couldn’t refresh feed which is sometimes very irritating. This article is basically focused on this issue. We would be telling you major problems due to which this couldn’t refresh feed keeps on popping on your screen and how you can solve them by taking a few steps.

You can definitely use the below-mentioned steps to fix this error. There could be possibilities that your problem may not be solved even after following all the necessary steps as mentioned below. This problem is commonly seen on the iOS user device, who has not updated there iOS to the latest version. Therefore it is advised to all the Apple operating system users to kindly update their smartphone if they are using the old iOS system.

Couldn’t refresh feed fixes:

First of all, try to close all your apps that are running in the background. Now open only the Instagram app on your smartphone. Try to refresh the homepage to check whether this problem persists or not. Once you are satisfied that the problem is solved close to the application. If the problem is not solved then you should follow the below-mentioned steps.

Network connectivity


Network connectivity is one of the major reason due to which your feeds could not be refresh, not only in Instagram but also other social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. Having slow internet connectivity could lead you to take the stress and lower feedback from your social media platform. This not only increases the time of response from your social media platform but also do not provide the correct service which it should give. Therefore it is advised to the user to check their network connectivity before reporting any issue on the official website feedback option. This is one of the most common and main reasons behind the could not refresh the feed problem. It is also seen that as the network connectivity increase and you get enough speed of data transfer from your network provider or network carriers this problem is automatically solved.

Update the Instagram application

update insta

If the problem still persists even after checking your network connection or connectivity you could go to check whether you have the latest and updated version of the Instagram app. There are major fixes that are being made by the developers and posted in the app store so that users do not get any trouble. Therefore it is advised to have the latest version or the updated version of the Instagram application.

Reinstall the Instagram app

reinstall instagram

If even after correcting your updated application the problem of could not refresh feed still persist then you could try to uninstall the Instagram app from your smartphone and again reinstall the same application from the Play Store for Android devices and Apple Store for the iOS devices. Sometimes there are different types of cache memory which leads to this problem could not refresh the feed. 

Using Browser

insta browser

You can also do this by directly using a browser. The most commonly used browser is Google Chrome which is simple and clean and also fast. Here go to Instagram official website and login with your credentials directly on the website. Then go to the settings and tap on the activity option. There you could find your recent activity and you’re your memory used which are being recorded on the Instagram server. Clearing this memory or the cache memory directly from the browser could definitely help in solving this issue. Now close the browser and open your Instagram account directly on the official smartphone application. Now try to refresh the feed and you will find your problem has been solved. Sometimes there are different bugs and glitch that are been made on the server of the application. Removing the cache memory directly removes these bugs from the server and the problem is solved.

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So these were some of the steps by which you could Solve could not refresh feed error by following some simple steps. Hope you like this article and your problems relating to Instagram would have been solved. If the problem still persists do not hesitate to contact Instagram official website for further updates and information.


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