Stardew Valley: How to take care of Chickens?

When you choose to play this game you will often find some animals roaming around these in the Stardew Valley are known as the chickens. They yield a lot of profit and are good for business in the game. It provides eggs and from that you can make other stuff which are useful for your game. When we talk about chickens, we should never forget their importance in the game as it is very useful but it needs to be correctly set up first. You’ll require a solo in nearness to your coops and grass. After this to set up the game every time you have a chicken or a duck you are required to have the mayo squeezes which ensures that your pet is fed properly and gives eggs on time. 



about chickens

As we have discussed above the chickens in this game play a vital role and these can be bought from Marnie’s for 800g and can be put in a coop.till the time the constraints of the coop are met on the homestead the chickens can be bought from the Marnies’. These are not mature enough to lay eggs or meats and so they take a whole 5 days to develop into a proper hen. You can also name them according to your wish and choose a coop for them.The chickens won’t leave their coops on stormy days or thunder. 

The chickens can also be bought from the incubators by which the chicken should have a designated coop and a name. In case you haven’t decided any of this the game will give you from the default list after which you will have no choice.

Chickens are hued White, Brown, or Blue. The colour of the chicken is arbitrary by the game when it is purchased or incubated, so in the wake of restarting a day you may get a chicken of another colour than on the primary run. You can likewise change the colour of the chicken before buying while choosing a coop.

In the event that you keep up a huge enough fix of grass around the coop it will become quicker than the chickens can eat it. Each plot of grass or feed vanishes subsequent to being eaten from twice. Right snap on a chicken consistently to show friendship (this will make Marnie more joyful with you). Chickens won’t pass on the off chance that they are not taken care of, however become despondent. Their relationship with you will lower.


how to get chickens in the game

In this game you will raise a combination of animals that will give you pleasant offerings which will in turn increase your business.
In order to start with your first chicken, your first Coop on account of the assistance of the town Carpenter, Robin, you’ll have a beautiful home for them. When that is all prepared, it will take her two or three days and then you’re all set over to Marnie’s Ranch south of your homestead and get yourself a chick for 800 gold. This will net you an adorable little chick that will prosper into an incredible, egg laying beast. She will promptly move over your new infant chick once and so on and you can think that it’s hurrying around their home’s overall region. This permits the chicken to eat on grass. A decent strategy is to have a fix close to the coop with a fence around to keep the chickens there.


how to feed your chickens

Till now we have discussed all about how we can fetch chickens and how well they should be kept and taken care of. So with this we now will look after the care of and how to feed these chickens. In order to feed these chickens we can put 4 bits of Hay in their coop so that they can eat them. Then there can be things that can be bought from Marnie’s for 50 gold each and can be saved inside a Silo when you cut pieces of turf with your grass shearer. The Silo auto tops off the contraption with your feed, so it’s certainly clever to claim. When you have feed, just go in and stroll over to the wooden zone where it would seem that chickens would take care of, from on the upper right corner of the room. Spot the roughage there and your chickens will be prepared to live. They’ll benefit from it themselves at whatever point they have to, so simply try to inquire in and check whether there’s any requirement for additional.


You can right snap your chickens once every day to give love, and again to check their status. Caring about them or just-bought chickens can’t be benefited from the day they show up on the homestead, in spite of the fact that they react as ordinary to petting. A while later, children and grown-ups require similar consideration and measures of food. Infant chickens that are given food arrive at development on the third day subsequent to incubating or buying. Starting the fourth day, grown-up chickens that were taken care of the day preceding produce an egg each every morning.

Chickens eat feed, which can be bought from Marnie or collected from grass. In the event that there is grass in the yard outside the coop and you open the coop entryway to let them outside, they will eat the grass as opposed to feed, and get a mind-set lift too. This alternative isn’t accessible in winter, during which they won’t adventure outside regardless of whether the entryways stay open. At the point when let outside, they will re-visitation of the coop at around 5pm consistently regardless of whether they get outside of a fenced territory through an open door or broken spot.


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