List of Google Home Commands you Should Try to make your life easier during Quarantine

Want to keep yourself informed about the ongoing pandemic? Wish to buy your meals at ease? Whether you are utilizing smart speakers and screens, Android devices, or perhaps an iPhone application, I would recommend that you try using Google Assistant!

Why should you give Google Assistant a try?

Google aims to extend its AI-powered digital assistant to any area of technology. Google Assistant will now be used in a broad selection of smart devices — from either the initial Google Home and the latest Google Nest Mini (a.k.a. Google Home Mini) and 3rd-party devices from businesses including JBL.

Google Assistant can indeed be reached from any Android handset, like the latest Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL, utilizing Google’s latest Pixel Buds, and can be downloaded as an iPhone application. This is also used in cameras, surveillance devices as well as your cars.

When Google Assistant gets incredibly powerful, the internet engine behind all this starts to extend the functionality of Assistant. You can set reminders, monitor lighting, and heating systems via Google Assistant, play video games, surf the net or Netflix, and more Did you know you could do all this, just with basic voice controls? Doesn’t that make life a lot easier for you?

If you feel that the various things Google Assistant can do are difficult to recall, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Begin using your Google Assistant

Beginning a conversation with Google Assistant is simple. You can start your Google Home command by simply saying, “Hey, Google” or “OK, Google.” With any device having Google Assistant, i.e. on your smartphone or some other device, Google Assistant works similarly, but your device will only be able to react in one of the gadgets, even though both of them notice you.

COVID-19 Updates

Want to know how to properly wash your hands? Google Assistant helps you through with that as well! Simply say, “Hey, Google, I need help to wash my hands.”

Make the most use of your Google Assistant by asking all your doubts regarding the ongoing pandemic. You could possibly ask, What is the Corona Virus? or What is the latest news about coronavirus?

Smart Home

Google Home is everywhere, including around 10,000 products and over 1,000 manufacturers, namely August, TP-Link, and much much more.

You may want to dim your lights when you don’t need them or turn them off. Now you can do it with ease! Just say “Hey, Google, dim my lights to..” or “Turn off my lights.” Pretty simply right? You can do a wide variety of operations using Google Home from changing your smart bulbs colors to changing the channel on a Dish Hopper.

New Upgrade

A new upgrade has made it much easier to assign the Google Home speakers to the bedrooms as to how they monitor the Smart Home gadgets in that area. For example, if you do have several smart lights in your kitchen and allocate them to the kitchen Google Home speaker, asking Google Home to switch on/off the lights would only impact the lights within this kitchen. You’ll have to state, OK, Google, switch off all the lights, or, “OK, Google, switch on the bedroom lights,” to monitor lighting beyond the kitchen.

Wi-Fi Controls

Google Assistant tends to come configured by Netgear and many others on respectively Google Wifi and Google Nest Wifi access points, and on a multitude of fourth-party devices. Such directives work with devices identified with Google, but most will also work with 3rd-party routers.

Use commands like, Hey, Google, turn off the Wi-Fi.” or “Hey, Google, re-boot the router.”

Train Google Home

You can equip Google Home to remember your name, and up to 6 household members. The system is not fool-proof, so beware of allowing Google to use your voice to test transactions. Therefore, Google will be able to tailor any answers depending on who is spoken. For starters, inquire about your schedule or daily ride to work, and Google can have a customized answer.

Choose your Google Assistant’s voice

Did you know you get to choose your Google Assistant’s voice? You now have a variety of choices, including one with a celeb appearance from the well-known singer and songwriter John Legend and another from Issa Rae.

Ask your Google Home to “Speak like Issa Rae” or alter the Google Home app’s Assistant voice setting and Issa Rae can answer a number of questions! You can even ask her to sing a few songs for you! You could possibly try, “Sing me a song” or “How are you?” or even “Are you the real Issa Rae?”


To summarize, we shared a list of google home commands that you could try out during this quarantine. You could stay at home safely and pass time in a fun way with your Google Assistant.

We hope you liked these commands! Stay tuned for more interesting tech-related news!

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