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Who doesn’t use Outlook these days? There’s hardly a person in the 21st century today who isn’t aware of it. Starting from Millennials to Gen Z, we all are well aware of how important Outlook is, in the business world. For day to day office tasks to large corporate operations, Outlook has its own importance.

Some tippy-trickiest your way

However, not all are equipped with the right ways to make Outlook work the best for you. So here, in today’s blog post, I’ve curated a few yet super effective tips and tricks for you all. Read below and utilise these in your daily work. And see how you can boost your work productivity to the maximum with these top tips and tricks.

1. Your All in one files

How happy we feel when we find all our required things in one place. Don’t we? Now, Outlook can do the same for you as well. Amazingly, you can now place important notes, dates, events and emails in a single folder. The benefits are clear. You get your work done quickly and hassle free in a short time too. Drag and drop your important note/event etc and save it into a folder of your choice. Then double click to open it when needed. It’s that simple.

2. From Emails to chats

This feature is one of a kind and really convenient. It is best for long e-mails which are really boring and exhausting to deal with. So this option just makes them simpler. And displays all of those in a single chat/conversation. You can click on view and then select ‘Show as Conversations’ and it’s done.

3. Calendar events done right

This feature delivered by Outlook is really praiseworthy. It makes everything so much easier and smoother. Many times we have to scroll through the long calendars to choose a particular date. Whether it’s for meetings or presentations, it’s very Laborious. So instead of that, you can simply type some phrases, like ‘next Monday’s or ‘5 weeks from now or ‘4 days from today’ etc. And Outlook would take over.

4. Make your way from Emails to Folders

It does not matter whether you have only one or multiple email IDs. We all get flooded with emails on a daily basis. And the overflow of mails rushing into your inbox gets worse if you have a 9 to 5 job or work in a corporation. In such cases, making separate folders for all your mails comes as a much needed rescue. These folders help you organise your work well and most importantly they help you give a clutter free digital working experience. And it is so important in today’s hectic times.

5. Important notifications only

How annoying it is to get prompted by unimportant notifications all the time? And especially when you are working on something serious, this gets even worse. So to stop this, you can now switch off the alerts. Go to file options, then choose the mail options. After that make a custom rule to only get notified of messages from the most important people or certain contacts. And you’re done.

6. Schedule your e-mail deliveries

Like we have it in texting apps, now you can do the same with your Outlook too. Write a text or message now and send it whenever you want. After you have composed a mail, click on the options icon and click on ‘Delay Delivery’. Then you can select the ‘Do not deliver before’ option and select your required date and time. It will be delivered as per your schedule.

7. Block the annoying ones out.

We all have those contacts whose emails are just meant to spam ya. So to avoid dealing with those and ruining your mood for the day, you can block those out. Click on the home option then go to the junk emails. Then select on all those senders or contacts whose emails you don’t want to receive. Now those would be marked as spam.

8. The tempting email templates of Outlook

Outlook does really well in this aspect. Many times we have to send a certain type of email to one or several people again and again. Typing a particular type of email repetitively is very monotonous and irritating. So in such a case, you can save one of those emails as a template. It helps you as a reference in the future. And saves you a lot of time and work. We can already feel the heavy sigh of relief from you. 😉

Best tips for better Outlook experience

All the tips and tricks mentioned in this blog post are solely intended to help you do better in your work. Everything changes when you know how to utilise a service for your benefit. And these little ways are powerful enough to help you massively. I hope these tips make your overall experience of working with Outlook better.


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