10 Best Event Management Softwares

In today’s busy world, who’s got time to manage, organise and carry out an entire event? That’s why the event management business has bloomed greatly over the last few years. And why not? When we don’t have to worry about a function and everything is carried out smoothly under our observation from the comfort of our home. That alone gives enough reason. For every plan, budget, design and style, these companies work diligently to give us the best results.

The New Era of Event Management

So here below, I’ve brought you the ten most popular and highly sought after event managing companies which never fail their customers. Starting from sports to corporations, family to concerts, they put magic into every simple and extravagant event. Check them out now.

1. Gather

Gather is another event management software which is cloud based. And it’s major feature is it’s uber smooth operations of tasks. It does almost everything for its clients. Starting from planning your budget, selecting venues, tracking the bookings, payments, progress check and more in a short span of time. The best part is it’s compatibility with both Android and iOS.

2. Ticket Tailor

Ticket Tailor tailors your choices and taste to give you the best event experience. And helps you be a star in front of the people for whom you’ve hosted the events. It helps you give out tickets directly to the guests. The best part of this software is it covers all. Starting from large corporations, business parties, sports, Ted talks to concerts and family get-togethers, it does all.

3. Cvent

Cvent is for all the busy persons who can’t think too much for an event. It’s a pro event management software made for modern activities. It’s most attractive feature is the special tool which allows you to search for the best venue for your event within your budget. From small to medium and big, to various kinds of events, they plan and execute it all. It also allows customising interfaces to project your branding.

4. monday.com

monday.com is as simple yet elegant just like it’s name is. It’s very popular among people because of it’s easy operations and good consumer feel. It keeps you updated with everything. And hands you the key to every minute detail and the overall progress of your event. The tickets, bookings, payments, venue, invitations, everything is organised by monday.com very sincerely.

5. XING Events

XING Events is a cloud based event managing software. And it hails from Germany. Even though it was specially designed for the German market, it gradually moved on to the UK and USA and now to the entire world. The free app compatible with both Android and iOS, of XING Events is a hit among its users. It supports both tiny to huge events and both regular and corporate functions.

6. Bizzabo

Bizzabo works in a fun and quirky way just like its name is. A totally modern event management platform, it’s great for the people of the 21st century who are always on the edge. The mobile app of Bizzabo is a bliss for all the managers and other staff. The employees in Bizzabo ensure that each event is carried out flawlessly. The smooth ticket systems, networking stuff, sponsorship and much more are done as smooth as butter with Bizzabo.

7. Eventzilla

Eventzilla allows its users to completely access and see the progress of the event being held. It allows discounts and such exciting offers to hold more bookings. Timely and up to date notifications along with email invitations are also a known part of Eventzilla. It also gives a waiting list tool to manage bookings more than the given seats. The on site as well as the registrations done beforehand make Eventzilla a reliable choice.

8. EventMobi

EventMobi is simply great software for event management purposes. It’s an open API and cloud based too. The best feature of this app is that it’s used by all sizes of companies and functions. The software comes in multiple languages including Dutch, English, Portuguese, Spanish. EventMobi helps you in any given type of event. And that’s the best part about it.

9. Eventbrite

Eventbrite works as brightly as its name sounds. This software is super efficient, time saving, hassle free and pretty convenient. It allows you to easily organise and hold any kind of events including big, medium, and small functions. The tools provided include designing your lists, registering for events, ticket bookings, donations if any, payment options and more.

10. EventBookings

EventBookings is another wonderful software for event management purposes. Its best features include putting customized branding on the event pages. And it allows you to make a seating chart for your guests to select and book beforehand. It allows payment transactions via both credit and debit cards. You can even give discounts and another such cut-offs on tickets and much more.

Give Your Events a New Experience

With these amazing softwares for event management, you can now ace any function or party. Amaze your guests with these excellent services offered by these wonderful companies. All are unique and serve differently. Choose the one suiting you the most. Do note that the numbering is done is for representative purposes only. And does not determine the quality or standard of any company.


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