10 Cool Smart Gadgets 2020-Think smarter to do smarter

We know that, there are many smart tools available to convert our heavy works into a small works. But still there are some smart tools available in online market, that we probably don’t know. They are also a cheap one and it will be very useful for our lives. In this article I am going to give the cool 10 smart gadgets to make you wonder. 

The List of Cool Smart Gadgets

Below I have explained the cool smart gadgets which are available in market today.

1. MAYU |Make Your Water Better With a Natural Swirling Motion

Swirling? Yes you read it right, it has a non stop swirl inside the container. Sure it’s mesmerizing. But more importantly, it turns and keeps your water fresh and healthy in its natural flowing state. Because when water is moving around, the oxygenation triggers subtle chemical chain reactions that cleanse it of compounds that really shouldn’t be there in the first place.

The premise is simple and backed by prominent scientific literature. When water sits still, many dissolved contaminants remain trapped, while aerating it with a flowing motion releases contaminants and keeps it oxygenated, fresh, and clear.

2. RoMech Fabric Cutter Rope Cutter

Have you ever imagined of having a laser knife to cut clothes without any trouble? Yes your dream came true. It is a device that cuts fabrics on any design you draw. RoMech hot knives cut fabrics and rope and smooth and fast, seal the edges clean, and leave no debris! The heat can be approximately controlled by using the temperature control dial on the handle. Continuous heat-intensity adjustment ensures the proper temperature for any job. 

Fabrics and Ropes, including: canvas, synthetic fabric, cloth, rope and cord. This is a hot knife system, with a blade that can be as hot as 932° F(500C). It’s therefore critical that you read and fully understand the operating instructions before using the cutter.

3. reMarkable 2

Carrying a note always to take notes? Is the notes messing up the space? Then you need this reMarkable 2. This is an tab that just looks like a paper through you can take many notes and save it to cloud and use those notes whenever needed. 

It gives you an Eye-friendly reading. This easily converts your handwritten notes into text. All your notes, organized and accessible on all devices. 

4. Nite Ize

This is like a small band or tie used to wrap your messy wires. For organizing tools, cords, bags, small appliances, lighting, and various supplies, have this set of ties on hand. A sturdy, bendable wire interior surrounded by a durable yet soft rubber exterior wraps around and twists in place to keep items together, untangled, or out of the way. 

No more need for single-use cable ties or zip ties, these Reusable Rubber Twist Ties can be used over and over again to organize cords, wrap headphones, and for endless other tasks at home, in the office, or on the job site. Reusable, bendable ties can be used as cable ties, cord organizers, rubber twist ties for headphones, for closing produce, snack and goodie bags, shoring up plant and flower stems and more, all with a simple twist.

5. FORM Smart Swim Goggles

FORM Smart Swim Goggles with see-through smart display show your metrics while you swim. No more counting laps in your head—or stopping to look at your smartwatch. Over 12 customizable metrics, including split times, stroke rate/count, pace per 100, pace per 50, distance, calories. Support for live heart rate metrics with Polar OH1 and OH1 + heart rate sensors. (Mounting clip included in box; Polar sensor sold separately). It has 16 hours of battery life. It would be a perfect training tool for swimmers, open water swimmers, and triathletes.

6. RapidX X5 Car Charger

The X-5 USB Car Charger delivers fast charging speeds, supporting up to five devices at once. Its intelligent recognition technology identifies your device, adjusts to its capabilities, and delivers the fastest charge possible.

In today’s era we not only rely on our smart phones, but on wireless headphones, fitness trackers, portable chargers, and a whole host of wearable technologies. Fortunately here we are having this technology. The X-5 delivers lightning fast charging speeds and supports up to 5 devices at once. Its intelligent recognition technology identifies your device, adjusts to its capabilities, and delivers the fastest charge possible. 

7. Striker Adjustable Garage Parking Sensor

Crashed many things while parking your car in the Garage? No more worries, here is an aid for you. The Striker Adjustable Garage Parking Sensor is designed to take the guess work out of parking your car in tight garage spaces. It features adjustable, ultrasonic range-finding technology to accurately locate a vehicle within your desired parking constraints. Simply mount the sensor unit in front of the car at bumper level. Then mount the signal light in a position easily viewed from the driver’s seat. Lastly, park your car exactly where you want it and press the set button.

Finally, when the car is at the chosen distance, a red light will illuminate, signaling the driver to stop the car. It makes parking it tight spots a cinch!

8. Divoom Infit Timebox

Powered by a 6W DSP-Tuned full range speaker and Bluetooth 5.0 technology, along with the bass port design, it delivers an impressive sound quality. 256 full RGB self- programmable LED screen, You can create any pixel images and animations with the built-in app traditional animation and game characters, super hero, and emoji the limit is your imagination.

Social media notification, smart alarm clock, thermometer and weather conditions, schedule planner, 24 professional sleep-aid profiles make you have a good sleep.

9. IllumiBowl Toilet Night Light

New & Improved! IllumiBowl Toilet Night light is back and better than ever with amazing upgrades! IllumiBowl is now built with a never fall arm so it never falls off your toilet again; includes a 3-stage dimmer to set it to the perfect brightness and is built with a better motion sensor and longer battery life than ever before!

It smoothly transitions between colors and lets you freeze the color at any time which gives you infinite combinations of color settings to choose from!

10. Anytek

Say good bye to keys! Here is the lock without keys. What, without keys? Yeah that’s true this lock works with your fingerprint. There are no more worries about loosing your keys.

Diversification of use scenes: bag, suitcase, door, cabinet, container truck, bicycles. Amazingly it supports a total of 10 fingerprints. It has 380Kg bearing weight. It’s battery has a Low power consumption and long standby time with a 300mAh polymer lithium battery, the longest standby time is up to 2 years, and the maximum number of unlocking times is up to 2500 times. If the battery is short of power, it can be unlocked in an emergency. After connecting it to a charger, you can directly press the fingerprint to unlock it.


You can find atleast one gadget in this list for making your live more smarter than before.

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