Top 10 Smart Pens 2020 to make you smarter

Say good bye to your notes and books which makes more and more spaces to store, because making notes and saving them becomes more convenient and smarter at some rates. Wondering how? The smart pens are here to help you. To know more about the smart pen, let’s look into the article.

What are smart pens?

Smart pens are designed to carry your notes in a digital way. A smart pen records what you write, and then transforms it into digital text or images that you can edit on a smartphone or computer. Hence you can access your notes whenever you need them. 

Some smart pens come with Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity which allows your smart pen to connect your computer or mobile device. There are wide range of smart pen available in the market. Not every product becomes super and not every product becomes worst. I have picked some top and most used smart pens and listed here for your reference.

1. Thinkpen Digital Pen

This thinkpen by snab is a good companion for taking notes on schools, collage or whenever a note is needed. With this smart pen you can capture your handwritten notes at 120 frames per second.

You can transfer the recorded notes to your device through the Bluetooth connectivity. In addition to this, using corresponding apps will help you to edit your notes. You can even translate them into 50 languages and an option to share your notes through social networks. You can store foto 32MB in offline and unlimited when you connect it to your device.

2. NEWYES Smartpen

This NEWYES Smartpen comes with an application that can be installed in android phone and in your system. You can store many notes and make them digitally available.

With the NEWYES app, you can edit your recorded notes and share them with your friends. This smart pen also supports voice recording and you won’t miss a little thing by recording everything.

3. Neo Smartpen

This is powered by a dual-core processor. This is also a well known tool to convert your handwritten to digital text. This smart pen supports  Neo Notes app, through this application you can sync the recorded notes through your smartphone and your system. 

This has a camera that records what you write on the N notebook. This smart pen can last up to 5 hours on heavy usage.

4. Livescribe 3 Smartpen Black Edition

It has a free application that can support any device you have, with a Bluetooth connection. It records audio and records everything with a high-speed infrared camera.

A full charge smart pen can last up to 14 hours of usage.Livescribe dot paper is printed with a pattern of tiny microdots that work with the pen’s infrared camera, allowing it to record the location of everything you write or draw.

5. Moleskine Pen+ Ellipse

This is also a smart tool to convert your handwritten notes to digital texts when this unique app syncs with your device. This application is compatible with Evernote, Google Drive Manager, OneNote, and Creative Cloud.

This is a unique pen that records more than 120 frames per second and calculates up to 256 levels of pressure. You can export both of your drawings and notes to your social media accounts.

6. Wacom Bamboo Folio – Best Smart Pen to Use with Any Paper

This Wacom Bamboo Folio is also a good tool to transfer your handwritten notes to your device as digital texts.

The app is compatible with Android and iOS. This smart pen has many advantages over other smart pena available in the market.

7. NeoLab Convergence M1 Smart Pen

A best smart pen when compared to other smart pens. Get instant conversion of your handwritten notes to digital texts with the usage of an unique application.

It can seamlessly write up to 1000s of pages and can work up to 6 hours continuously. It is having a 125-day standby battery life.

8. Neo Smartpen N2

This smart pen is too smart that automatically connects to your device with Bluetooth connectivity. It’s app is very useful in organising and sharing. 

It works with pressure recognisation that atomically seithu on the pen when it touches the paper. Automatically sync content with Evernote, or upload to third party applications like Adobe Creative Suite and Dropbox in various file formats like JPEG, PDF, PNG, SVG.

9. Livescribe 2GB Echo Smart Pen

It would be a valuable pen for your meetings to record audios and all written notes. By using this you can reach your meetings so that you won’t miss even a word.

It can be easily syncs to your device through Bluetooth connection. It saves all audio and notes to your device or cloud service.

10. Scanmarker Air Scanner Smart Pen

This smart pen is very good and interesting one. Technically, it is not an actual pen. This is like a marker that highlights your text. You can use this by scanning each text that automatically converts it to digital texts.

This has good battery life and compatible with Mac & Windows desktop plus Android and iOS mobile devices.


Here I have listed the best smart pens that are most popular. You can select the best one by price and usage.

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