Best Song Identifier apps / Song Recognition apps for 2020

sound recognition apps

Have you ever wondered, whenever you pass by somewhere you listen to a music or song, Or if sometimes you might have listened to ringtone nearby, So you feel like this tune or song is awesome, Hence even you want to download the song and listen to it. But how You can’t memorize the song, … Read more

Samsung Exynos v/s Snapdragon processor- Snapdragon 855 v/s Exynox 9820, 675 vs 9610


Smartphones are one of the most used gadgets in today’s world. Every one of us uses a smartphone. A phone was developed so that people could communicate through long distances. But now a person can do almost everything when they have a smartphone. Smartphone industries are still growing in India and will keep growing because … Read more

4 Best Android Launchers in 2020 (Updated)

4 Best Android Launchers in 2020 (Updated) 8

Customization is the name of the game when it comes to the android operating system. Android, compared to other mobile operating systems give you a ton of customizability within the native settings option. The options like system UI tuner and developer options are some of the most notable and differentiating factors of android from other … Read more

Best Laptops for programming

best laptops for programming

One of the most essential gadgets for a computer science student is a laptop. Without a laptop, a computer science student cannot reach his/her full potential. Coding and programming are mandatory skills for a computer science student or an app developer. The laptops used for programming are slightly different from regular ones in terms of … Read more

Top 10 best news apps for Android and iPhone


We come across the latest news updates in our phone browsers daily, to make the online news reading simpler. Lot of news apps came into the market. As per the latest details about news hunting, there are lots of new applications for both Android and iPhone but it’s little more difficult to identify which one … Read more