Best Voice Changer Applications for Android & PC 2020

Have you ever thought of cheating on your friends? One of them is making fake sounds to fool your friends.

Equipped with an Android phone or PC, you can use one of the best voice change applications that can be used when talking in real-time.

Are you curious about the recommendations of the application? Don’t forget to read this article completely!

Android and PC are not only used to practice ignorant tricks on your friends.

You can also make fun sound recordings or use them to stream live games on YouTube or Twitch. It’s very funny, right?

List of Best Voice changer applications on Android phones

The first recommendation comes from the voice conversion application on an Android phone, which on average is small, so it does not overload your device. What are the applications?

1. Helium voice changer

helium voice changer

Have you ever swallowed the wind of helium balloons? Your voice will surely be fun!

Well, as this is pretty dangerous, you should use Helium Voice Changer, which has a similar effect and is no less fun.

In addition, this app offers several other sound effects that you can share with your newsgroup. Do you want to try it?


  • It can be used to change the sound in audio or video formats.


  • This is not compatible with some Android devices.

2. IntCall – Voice Changer

intcall Voice changer

If you don’t want to mess with your friends, the IntCall – Call Voice Changer application can also be a voice changer application if you can use it.

Why? As this application changes the sound you said in real-time, the other person is confused.

Guaranteed that your ignorant business will not be free!


  • It can be used to make calls in real-time.
  • The choice of different sound editing modes can be chosen arbitrarily.


  • The user interface seems old compared to other applications.

3. RoboVox voice changer

robovox voice changer

Then you can also try the RoboVox Voice Changer application. You can download this application for free, although there is also a paid version.

The paid version has more than 32 unique and great language options.

Now this voice changer application also has many features. From the interface that seems sophisticated to the parrot mode that mimics your voice after the end of the conversation.


  • Integrated to share voice editions through Soundcloud.
  • More than 32 sound effects can be used (some are only available in Pro mode).


  • It cannot be used to make live calls.

4. Voice changer during the man-to-woman call

voice changer male to female

Another voice change application, if you can use it, is the voice change during a man-to-woman call.

As the name suggests, this app is recommended to convert male voices to female voices with different options.

From the voices of girls, teenagers and the elderly. Not too bad to make your friend tweet!


  • A function to change the sound in real-time that can be used for phone calls.


  • There are many annoying ads in the app.

5. Voice Changer

Voice Changer

Developed by AndroidRock developers, Voice Changer can easily convert your voice into different types of sounds.

Start the sound like a robot, the sounds of a squirrel, the voices of children, the voices of parents, the sounds of extraterrestrials.

You can easily access all these things with a relatively simple user interface. Just press the record button and select the desired sound mode.


  • It has more than 20 sound effects that can be used in the application.
  • The applications are small and suitable for use with low specification devices.


  • There are several minor errors in the application.

6. Voice Changer with Effects

voice changer with effects

To change the original sound during recording, you can first use an application called Voice Changer with effects.

Interestingly, you can change your voice to different characters in the Star Wars movies. Starting with the voice of Darth Vader, Chewbacca and many other characters.

Do you want to try to change your voice? Download it and install the application!


  • The most stable use compared to other applications with the best sound quality.
  • Regularly update some of the latest sound effects.


  • It cannot be used in real-time.

7. Voice Changer with Sound effects

voice changer with sound effects

The sound effects of the voice changer allow you to convert the sound into several unique and interesting effects that you can try.

Like other similar apps, you can change the normal sound in a variety of available sound effects.

Like helium, hexafluoride, fast, slow, grotto, chipmunk, monsters and many more.


  • The size of the application is small enough to be light for devices with limited specifications.
  • The choice of effect modes is varied and calm.


  • There are a number of annoying ads in the app.

8. Voice FX

voice fx

Finally, for Android smartphones, you can also use the VoiceFX application, which you can edit with different effects when recording sound.

Here you can play sounds with effects and listen to other people who speak live with a different voice.

The most exciting is VoiceFX, ideal for playing with friends, such as PUBG Mobile or Free Fire.


  • You can generate additional sound effects directly or live from the transmitter and receiver.
  • It has a function to save live recordings in MP3 format.


  • To change the sound in real-time in the game, you need special settings.

List of voice changer applications on PC / laptop

The range of language change applications on PCs or laptops is aimed at those who want to be streamer or creator, especially the content of the game.

1. Clownfish Voice Changer

clownfish voice changer

First, there is the Clownfish Voice Changer, which is often used by YouTubers players to change the sound during transmission and provide sound effects.

Clownfish Voice Changer also supports the use of various software such as Skype, Steam, Discord to play games.

The choice of sound effects varies. You can select 14 different sound effects that can be used

2. Voicemod

voice mod

In addition to Clownfish, you can also choose Voicemod, which should be compatible with various programs and games such as VRChat, Discord, Overwatch, Fortnite and PUBG.

For those of you who enjoy streaming, the language change application on this PC has also been integrated into Stream Deck and OBS Streamlabs

In addition to changing the sound on your Android phone, there are also some of the best voice recording applications that can make your voice recording more melodic. Demanding, right?

Now create a complete list of this application. Read the following article: Recommended application for voice recording on an HP Android computer | Make the sound clearer!

You do not need an additional device to clear your voice. Enough with this voice recorder application on your Android phone, your voice can be melodious!


And it’s the collection of recommendations for the best language change application for Android phones and computers that lets you record, call or even play games.

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