10 Best Android Launcher 2020

Best Android Launcher

About Android Launcher Android is of no use without a launcher, which involves your home screen and the list of all the applications accessible on your gadget. That is the reason each gadget accompanies a default launcher pre-installed.This control is passed directly back to the client as well, using ‘launchers’. Downloadable from the Play Store, … Read more

How to run Android on Linux using a Virtual machine?


As of late, for Linux frameworks, we compiled a list of best android emulators and were confused to note that there is no suitable programme that can mirror Android on a Linux distribution. All things considering, we found a cool way to run Android on Linux using a Play Store-uphold virtual machine. In addition, truth … Read more

5 Best Podcast Applications in 2020 (Android & iOS)

5 Best Podcast Applications in 2020 (Android & iOS) 2

Do you know if the current trend of podcasts is increasing among young Indians. Usually, you listen to podcasts with audio formats at a glance like the radio. But the difference is that you can choose the topics according to your preferences and you can listen without having to set the program. Now, for those … Read more

10 Best Equalizer Apps for Android 2020

10 Best Equalizer Apps for Android 2020 3

If you ever tried to become a DJ or mess up with music to create something new, then this article is for you. Equalizer is a software that is usually integrated with most of the audio players, however their capabilities are limited. You may want an app that would help you mix tracks, change bass, … Read more

How to Setup Magisk Manager on Rooted Android Device to Hide Root?


Magisk Manager is an application that helps you to root your Android device and make system modifications without worrying about the intricate art of programming and the nerve-wracking thought of damaging your device. Magisk Manager was developed by topjohnwu and is one of the safest apps that allow you to customize your device without harming … Read more