10 Best Free Roku Private Channels 2020

Roku devices have been around since 2008. First developed in collaboration with Netflix, it has grown to a budget-friendly alternative if you require to promote your older TV set to a Smart TV. All you need is a TV, a Roku device and an internet connection. 

What is Roku?


Roku is a series of digital media players, which allows you to stream your favourite streaming apps like Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Disney, Prime Video and much more. Roku appears in several types, from set-top boxes to tv sets with the device installed into them. Its an affordable and easy to use by an average user also. 

All you need is a Roku device. Each Roku has its OS built into it. You can attach it using an HDMI cable or the built-in HDMI connector. You can get a 4K video quality or 1080P depending on the device you choose. You get the exceptional Dolby Audio quality and an easy to use remote with each Roku device you buy. 

Is there a subscription to use Roku?

There is no subscription needed to utilise any Roku’s features. But the premium streaming services such as Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, etc that you access using the Roku require a regular subscription. 

Alongside the premium features you also a lot of free content available in the form of movies, tv shows, music and much more. It provides a hand-curated compilation of shows and films chosen from channels such as The Roku Channel, NBC, Pluto TV, The CW, Crackle and more. While most include ads, they are all free to watch. In addition to these free channels which you can easily find in the catalogue of Roku, there are some which are hidden. 

What is Roku Private Channel?

There are several secret channels widely known as ‘Private Roku Channels’ in the Roku shop. You can’t even notice these private channels while skimming through the prepared channel list in Roku since they are protected. There are numerous reasons why it’s secluded because some of them are in beta mode, others need participation and some need third party services, etc.

Let’s have a look at the 10 best free Roku Private Channels. All the below channels can be accessed by using their access codes. 

1. iTunes Podcasts

iTunes Podcasts

This secretly owned Roku channel is devoted to free iTunes podcasts. You don’t need to get iTunes enabled on your device because you don’t even require an iTunes account to run this Roku site.

You should be able to browse various types of podcasts, including classics, top podcasts, and look for something different as well. You get both audios and video podcasts.

Access Codes: ITPC

2. Roku Movies

Roku Movies

Roku Movies is a classic movie channel. This provides you with a fantastic range of high-quality films in the genre such as action, adventure, suspense, horror, crime, media arts and many more. And for WebSeries, on other platforms that are accessible online, you will be able to stream them here. If you’re a lover of classic films, this one is for you.

Access Code: zb34ac

3. Nowhere TV

Nowhere TV

It is one of the oldest Roku private channels in our shortlist. Providing you with a wide variety of video and audio content this is a fun channel which has evolved steadily over a long time. It has a huge list of popular channels across the world in its catalogue. 

You will stream research content from Khan Academy, John Green’s Crash course, Bloomberg Live News, government-focused networks such as BBC, NBC, CNN International, C-SPAN, CBS News archive, TED Talks, NASA Television and Hubblecast HD, The Pentagon Channel, White House Press Briefings, Al Jazeera, Msnbc, and Universal Sports Network.

Access Code:  H9DWC

4. Ace TV

10 Best Free Roku Private Channels 2020 1

Another classic film channel in the Best Private Roku Channels list is Ace TV. It gives you limitless streaming of old Hollywood films, science fiction, horror, Kun-fu films and many more. Ace TV is strictly for adults though.

Access Code: active

5. SpaceTime Free

SpaceTime Free

For all the space lovers out there, this channel is for you. This private Roku site, called ‘SpaceTime Free,’ uses openly available content produced by space agencies around the world. Many of its content though comes from NASA. 

Access Code: CN6MRTG

6. Wilderness Channel

Wilderness Channel

This Roku private channel has all content related to nature. All nature enthusiasts are surely going to love this. It provides fantastic content and allows people to view nature in a whole different way.

Access Code: FL821095

7. Weather Radar

Weather Radar

Roku users can use Weather Radar as a helpful forecast tool. This private channel enables users to track the local weather and radars around the country.

Access Code: radar

8. Bloomberg TV+


Bloomberg TV needs no introduction. This is one of the most famous businesses and financial-news-related TV stations. Provided that Bloomberg TV is accessible on a wide range of computers and channels, it’s no surprise that it’s also accessible on Roku.

Access Code: BTVPLUS

9. Relax Time

relax time

As the name suggests, this channel is meant to provide you with some peaceful relaxation after a long day at work. Called ‘Relax Period,’ this is one of those privately owned Roku channels which bring some peace to your home. 

Access Code: VRQHQ

10. Toonami Aftermath TV


Who doesn’t love cartoons and anime be it children or adults? Toonami Aftermath TV is a privately owned Roku channel providing classic cartoon & anime programming. 

Access Code: RRNNKLQ

Final Words

So, this was our shortlist of 10 private Roku private channels you can access on Roku. Go and check them out and tell us which one you loved the most. 

Aside from these channels, there are many other private channels which are available, let us know in the comments below which one we missed. 

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