4 Best Law Firm SEO Services for Corporate Attorneys

When you research the web, you’ll find that there are hundreds of law firm SEO services out there. This can be overwhelming, especially in terms of identifying the best law firm SEO services to choose from. However, there are a few things credible law firm SEO services share in common that are worth noting:

  • They’ve been in the legal SEO business for long enough to avoid reinventing the wheel. 
  • They offer various relevant services that accelerate core SEO efforts.
  • They’ve got working knowledge of how the legal system works. 

With these criteria, you can easily narrow down your options and hit the nail right on the head. But again, there’s a little more to choosing right than simply scoping out the best options online. It’s usually important to know the specifics of each law firm SEO agency’s delivery to determine the best fit for your business. 

To get you started, below is a dive into four top-performing law firm SEO agencies worth considering for any scale of law firm looking to build brand awareness with SEO today. 

Top 4 Law Firm SEO Services Worth Considering Today


LawRank is a law firm SEO firm that offers solid value for the price you pay. Since a lawyer founded and currently runs the business, it is clear why they have a solid understanding of how to use SEO to market legal brands. They have extensive experience and put that to work with a suite of solutions that bring expertise and technology into digital brand exposure. They take on keyword research and optimization, brand reputation management, content marketing, link building, and social media campaigns. 

LawRank is a go-to agency you want to consider when you think of SEO for your attorney. 

Straight North

When it comes to experience, Straight North is an agency to consider. This company wields 15 years of digital marketing experience to drive SEO results for a large clientele. Straight North’s SEO services encompass a range of solutions that make SEO easy to execute and monitor. Talk about copywriting, link acquisition, competitive keyword analysis, and SEO performance monitoring when it comes to Straight North’s SEO services. 

Straight North also offers relevant services like PPC, sales leads, web designing, web development, and creative services. So, if you’re looking to find a credible SEO service, you no doubt should take Straight North into your list of options. 

iLawyer Marketing

iLawyer Marketing has been providing digital marketing services to law firms of all scales since 2005. The agency is open to serving in various ways to ensure its customers’ businesses take a top spot on Google’s SERP. iLawyer Marketing provides holistic services to foster SEO for legal firms. These include legal content writing, video production, Facebook marketing, PPC, YouTube advertisement, geofencing, streamed television, and web designing. 

iLawyer Marketing is worth having on your radar if you’re looking for an SEO agency with the stance to scale your legal brand amidst the influx of indexed web pages on various SERPs. 

Chicago SEO Scholar

Chicago SEO Scholar leverages 10 years of experience in SEO to drive the legal brands it serves to the top of SERPs. You can view website here to find out how the agency can get SEO to work for your legal firm in five simple steps. It also offers a suite of SEO services, including keyword research and SEO planning, on-page SEO, local SEO, technical SEO, and link building. It takes it up a notch by offering a wide range of content creation services and website development. They are also big on prompt communication and execution.

When thinking of a one-stop law firm SEO agency, it’s safe to have Chicago SEO Scholar in mind. 

NB: Should you be looking to get in touch, here’s how you reach Chicago SEO Scholar:


Chicago SEO Scholar

55 E Monroe St Suite 3800 Chicago, IL 60603

(312) 529-8226


What Now? Choose Right

choose right

To build a solid digital presence for brand exposure, legal firms require an above-average SEO strategy and execution style. There are a bunch of things you get off the pipeline when you outsource your legal SEO: the recruitment loop, onboarding, the SEO planning timeline, possibly reinventing the wheel, and more cost allocation to staff remunerations. 

However, while outsourcing your legal firm’s SEO planning and execution is how you get steps ahead, it won’t pay off so well with the wrong agency on board. So, don’t just look up the options. Scope them out by understanding the lines of services they render and how they deploy them to ensure results. Also, they should know how the legal system works to narrow down their delivery.

Final Words

Now you’ve got the recipe on how to get a solid SEO strategy going and four top law firm SEO services to choose from; your best take is to get started today. Be sure the right agency will save you money, time, and effort – and the best part, you’ll get the online exposure you need to pivot your legal business.

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