How to play PS2 games on PC

PlayStation is one of the most popular gaming consoles in the market. PlayStation is a specifically designed gaming console by Sony. PlayStation 2 is the second version of PlayStation which was launched by Sony in late 2006. PlayStation is completely based on a different user interface, therefore, it supports only certain kind of games which are developed keeping in mind requirements of PlayStation. So, in the beginning, this game could not be played on a different platform other than PlayStation like PC, laptops etc.

But with the period of time different software was developed with the help of which one can play games which was specifically designed for PlayStation on different devices. This article basically focuses on such software and applications.

So, if you want to play PS2 games on PC this article would definitely benefit you and give a brief idea about how you can play PS2 games directly on your PC by following some simple steps and methods. There are some technical words in this article which I think you should know before I tell you how you can play PS2 games on PC. So first let us discuss these technical terms.

  1. Emulator:

This is a special type of software which has to be installed on your PC so that you can play PS2 games directly on your PC without connecting any external console which is needed for playing PS2 games. The main purpose of the emulator is to emulate gaming console which directly allows the player to play all games including super Nintendo and club games directly on PC without attaching any extra external console as needed in PlayStation 2. Emulators not only help in playing PlayStation games on PC but it has various other advantages which make it very popular software among Gamers. This benefit includes filtration, resolution and other settings in the game. This not only allows the user to play the game but also allowed them to change and enhance the graphic quality as per demand. Read-only-memory plays a very important role when it comes to using emulators. So if you want to play a game by using emulators you should make sure you have a read-only memory(ROM) chip which works as a cartridge and helps in making game memory readable. Using specific software for playing these games making them easier to play is a process called mounting.

  1. BIOS:

BiOS file is one of the most important factors which need to be taken care of while you play Playstation game directly on your PC. PlayStation and PC differ only in there BIOS files. Therefore it becomes very important to know your PC BIOS file before installing any emulator. The emulator then detects your BIOS file on your PC and make it compatible for playing PS2 games.

So these were some of the technical terms which you need to know before you can install any emulator on your PC and play PS2 games on your PC.

Steps to play PS2 games on PC

This is one of the most popular emulators and oldest and most trusted emulator in the market for playing a PS2 game on your PC. Some of its major advantages over other emulators are that is absolutely stable, it not only allows you to control but also change graphic setting functionality. It has been tested on many PS2 games which are available in the market and have been found that the work properly by using this emulator. Although it should be noted that for different consoles you should use different emulators.

Step 1: Install Pcsx2 emulator on PC

How to play PS2 games on PC 1

Pcsx2 can be installed directly from its official website which is free of cost. You can install the software on your windows, Mac or LINUX operating system.

Step 2: BIOS File Directory Setup

How to play PS2 games on PC 2

Once you download this software, install it and follow further steps. After following few step you will be directly redirected towards BIOS file option. As BIOS file depends from nation to nation and changes every year, depending on your location choose any suitable BIOS file and copy-paste in your directory.

Step 3: Unzip BIOS File directory

How to play PS2 games on PC 3

Once you have copy-paste these BIOS files in your C drive, make it your default option. Unzip this file in your directory.

Step 4: Activate BIOS file

How to play PS2 games on PC 4

Once you complete this procedure you need to activate your BIOS file. For activating your BIOS file directly you need to copy-paste the content of this BIOS file into root BIOS file directory. These files would have a typical name of bin file. Once all the files are been pasted in root directory file, click on the refresh list option. Now click on the finish option to complete your BIOS setup.

Step 5: Download ROM file

How to play PS2 games on PC 5

Now the emulator has been installed in your PC and you need a ROM. Many ROMs are available online but downloading the ROM file which is not yours is piracy and this should be your own decision whether to download it or not. Once you have installed your ROM on your PC CONVERT THE PC2 GAME FILE INTO ISO file and then click on system boot reboot CDVD.

Step 6: Launch the PS2 game on PC

How to play PS2 games on PC 6

Next option you will get control of the game and graphic enhancement. If you want to change any game control you can change through this option. Graphic enhancement help in maintaining the correct resolution for your PC. Once you have gone through all this option and settings, you can directly launch the game and enjoy it.

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Final Verdict:

Follow these steps to play PS2 games on your PC. Hope you find this article helpful.

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