How to Setup a VPN on Your PlayStation 3 or PlayStation 4?

Establishing and using a VPN service on phones and other devices is completely easy. It isn’t on a PS4 though. You won’t be finding many VPN applications because the PS4 does not help it whatsoever. Luckily there seem to be a variety of options to be using a VPN so you can reach Netflix’s different territories, get exclusive access to different PS4 titles, boost online connectivity and perhaps more.

Let’s think over whether you would decide to utilize a VPN on a gaming console, once we clarify the different methods. Firstly, it could decrease your ping which implies a delay lessening. Multiple VPN services actually link console customers to specialized P2P & Gameplay services that carry the information among data centres via ‘hot points.’

It may seem confusing to set up a VPN on your router or use a crossover cable to connect your console to your desktop, but it really is worth the trouble. Your traffic is going to be protected, you ‘re going to be allowed to avoid province blockage and you might even get greater pings online.

Methods to use VPN

Numerous routers allow VPN connectivity all you’ll have to do is type your account details in the Wi-Fi Router configuration individually. It’s the next tool in the chain that will have a VPN connectivity because your PS4 gets its internet access via the router. The phases differ depending on your device model and VPN operation, so we can hardly describe how to do something.

Method 1: VPN through a router

But this approach involves a couple of hurdles and a bunch of technological experience to go through, but if it seems like quite enough bother then take a closer glance at either of the solutions we discuss further.

Step 1: Log into your router → Settings → VPN
Step 2: Enter details such as name, address of your server, account email and password

Point to keep in mind: Running a VPN on your network ensures that any system that links to the web would continue to utilize the VPN interface and that certain gadgets could be having issues.

If your router does not assist VPN links, users can purchase a Wi-Fi router which acquires a Wi-Fi router from ExpressVPN or through a provider. It isn’t the least expensive choice but setting up a VPN on your PPS4 is still by far the simplest method.

Method 2: VPN through Windows

This method is somewhat better and easy but also necessitates you to have a Windows computer within the width of your PS4 from a cord. To connect your PS4 to your computer, you will need an Ethernet Crossover Cable. If you feel especially resourceful, you could even end up making one out of an Ethernet cable you’ve just over.

Step 1: Press the cog symbol through the Start menu to launch the Settings window
Step 2: Network & Internet → Wi-Fi
Step 3: Press Change adapter options
Step 4: After completing these steps, right-click → Wi-Fi connection → Properties (while you’re connecting wirelessly online)

Note: If you are not wirelessly connected, pick the cable attached to your modem)

Step 5: Go to Sharing → Select Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s Internet connection.

You will finally be able to choose this Ethernet link from the Set Up Internet Access screen in your PS4. If that’s completed, your VPN will authorize the direct link to your PS4. As soon as the machine links to the internet with a VPN, so does your PS3/PS4 as well.

Method 3: VPN through Mac

Step 1: Install VPN
Step 2: Connect Ethernet cable to your Mac
Step 3: System Preferences → Sharing → Internet Sharing
Step 4: Share your connection from → Choose Wi-Fi
Step 5: Ethernet should be selected from ‘To computers using’
Step 6: To allow distribution of your internet connection amongst the Mac and PS4, click the field to your left with Internet Sharing in the list. If it is effective a green symbol would be shown.
Step 7: Next, Settings → Network Settings → Set Up Internet Connection → LAN Cable → Easy connection method
Step 8: Choose ‘Do Not Use a Proxy Server’

Must you wish, you could check your internet connectivity and if anything goes smoothly, your PS3/PS4 will now be linked to the web with a VPN.


Besides an increase in the quality of multiplayer gaming, you might also be able to acquire gameplay before they would be available at present. Relatively similar-day games usually are eligible in Australia moments preceding those from the United Kingdom and the United States.

And therefore, by utilizing a VPN, you can deceive your PlayStation into suggesting you are in Australia & make the experience accessible earlier than usual. We hope you liked these methods to connect your PS3/PS4 to the internet using a VPN and enjoy!

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