How to factory reset amazon echo? | Complete Guide


As soon as it launched itself in the Indian market, the Amazon Echo has grown rapidly in both it’s popularity & usage. With it’s affordable price range and usability, the Amazon Echo has become a normal thing now and not any fancy gadget. Just like every household has Bluetooth speakers etc, Amazon Echo is almost … Read more

10 Best Improve Vocabulary Apps


In today’s fast-moving world, we don’t want to stay behind. And especially when it comes to the global language, English. Even though English is spoken in different accents in different countries. However, it’s usage and vocabulary remains the same. And hence, so many of us want to increase our fluency and vocabulary in English. Apps … Read more

10 Best Event Management Softwares

best event mgt softwares

In today’s busy world, who’s got time to manage, organise and carry out an entire event? That’s why the event management business has bloomed greatly over the last few years. And why not? When we don’t have to worry about a function and everything is carried out smoothly under our observation from the comfort of … Read more

Outlook Tips and Tricks

outlook toips

Who doesn’t use Outlook these days? There’s hardly a person in the 21st century today who isn’t aware of it. Starting from Millennials to Gen Z, we all are well aware of how important Outlook is, in the business world. For day to day office tasks to large corporate operations, Outlook has its own importance. … Read more

10 Best To do list Apps for Android

Best To do list Apps for Android

In our hectic scheduled days, to-do lists have become an important part of our lives. We need to keep a check on our time. And nothing works better than the age-old yet immensely effective to-do lists. To-do list apps to keep you on time So in today’s blog post, I’ve got you the 10 best … Read more

10 Best Google Chrome extensions for SEO

best chrome extensions

Hey there. So today’s interesting post is about some of the best Google chrome extension tools for improving SEO. For the unversed, SEO extensions refer to extended tools which are used to improve your performance with search engines. These SEO tools help you immensely with on page SEO ranks, keyword searches, and many more. Best … Read more

10 Best Free Invoice Softwares 


Invoicing software is basically a business tool that automates any business’s invoicing stuff. It sends an invoice of a list of products/services with their prices to your clients. So here are the 10 best free invoicing software. Check and choose which suits your business best. 1. Paypal Paypal is a super popular and globally renowned … Read more