10 Best Free Visio Alternatives 2022- You Need to Try Out!

Microsoft Visio is a valuable bit of technology which helps IT personnel, businessmen, designers and many others employed in highly specialized areas to chart and view complicated data in the context of flow-charts, project layouts, schematics, diagrams and much more.

10 Best Free Visio Alternatives

Here is the list of top free Visio alternatives

1. ASCIIFlow Infinity

ASCIIFlow Infinity

If you are searching for a fast, easy and instantaneously available flowcharting method with no advanced features connected, ASCIIFlow is a great choice, beginning with the basic things. You will have a broad array of patterns at your fingertips. You could also use this tool to map a difficult technical venture, but it’s about as effective as you can get to rapidly express information schematically.

2. Graphviz


You can consider Graphviz, the nearly 30-year-old application where you build diagrams, structures and so forth, using a command-line tool and the powerful DOT syntax, for something a different. It takes a little time to get through it, but you’ll get the understanding of everything, you can see it will save you time and hassle.

3. yEd Graph Editor

yEd Graph Editor

Perhaps the most consumer-friendly diagramming tools out there, yED has protected you including flowcharts to family trees, to more advanced diagrams such as network services and infrastructure and method templates for all.

4. Draw.io


Draw.io has a very intuitive and open design, with the resources at the left-hand column and the painting at the right-hand column. You don’t have to register for an account to use Draw.io, so you’ve been given the right to upload your works to online storage such as Google Drive/ OneDrive or your computer from the minute that you are on the web.

5. Pencil Project

Pencil Project

Pencil Project is an alternate open-source to Microsoft Visio that is largely managed by the developing team. The objective for the Pencil Project is to make flowcharting from a beginner to a specialist as simple and accessible as feasible. It is modified frequently with fresh stencils, models as well as other functionality, It allows you to upload your projects through different formats, and is compatible with OpenClip.

6. LucidChart


If you’re really looking for alternatives to Microsoft Visio that is based on the Web, LucidChart is the great option. It offers a Web interface for lift-and-drop to draw any schematic. LucidChart offers you the possibility of building your drawings along with your colleagues. Many participants would have the same picture to deal with, making it the best alternative for smaller teams.

7. Gliffy


Gliffy comes with both free as well as premium varieties and is a versatile schematic application that completely supports the web. It combines utilities such as Google Drive, Confluence and JIRA to allow you to work easily on your UMLs, flow-charts, and other diagraming ventures. Gliffy is accessible for students, although others have exposure to the software’s ‘Basic’ edition after a 14-day trial of the premium version.

Experts or team members may want to take into account using the more expensive model levels, but other than that, take into account Gliffy to be one of the best web-based alternative options to Visio, particularly in terms of looks.

8. LibreOffice Draw

LibreOffice Draw

LibreOffice Draw is Microsoft Visio’s nearest and largest open-source rival. LibreOffice Draw is a method for designing, flowcharting and mapping all-functions. In Draw the feature everyone enjoys is the ‘grouping feature’. You could readily group together distinct items and then perform various actions on the group, such as shifting the group, linking with the other groups and so forth.

9. Dia


Dia is a very closely related open-source application to Microsoft Visio, with a remarkably identical set of features. With Dia, you could easily develop UML drawings, flow-charts, network procedures and workflows, charts of entity relationships and many more.

10. Creately


Creately, similar to Gliffy, is yet another mobile application specifically based on the functionality of Visio, built to construct an enjoyable, good looking, simple flow-chart / schematic for both companies and schools. Unlike any of the other technologies on this page, Creately takes an attempt to keep it clear and straightforward while making decent-looking graphs and maps to display at the next meeting.

The interface incorporates a one-click component that works to make your schematic 5 times as fast than we have seen from many other systems, and involves many available pre-made patterns, sections, and colour swatches. Creately even offers a wide range of smart connections and platforms for teamwork that make it easier to collaborate on ventures and maps with one another.

What’s the verdict?

All of Microsoft Visio’s features are beneficial, but the price range is so far above what the average household consumer is interested in spending on the “Standard” variant at $300 as well as on the Pro version at $590. (Unless you are determined on using Visio, you can also get Visio Pro for Office 365 for $13/month if you get an annual membership or $15/month for a monthly package)

Fingers crossed you’ll find those online Microsoft Visio equivalents handy. Or do you really think after checking those, that the premium resources provide something these couldn’t? Tell us in the comment section below!

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