Dr. Driving 2 1.42 MOD APK 2020 Download [Unlimited Money/Gold]

Racing games is one of the biggest genres in the gaming industry. There is a plethora of racing games available to us. All these games have released on various platforms like the PC, Xbox, PlayStation, smartphones and even tablet devices. The first ever game the released under this category can be traced all the way back to 1974, Gran Trak 10, which was released for the Atari. Ever since then, there have been over 2000 different games that have come out! And this number is growing day by day. Each main title has had its own set of spin-offs, sequels, short movies and so much more. The sense of thrill and adrenaline that you get out of racing games is very unique.

Racing games also require skills and enough practice to actually be good at a game. You can’t just jump on your console and expect to bolt past the rest of racers on day 1 unless your blessed. Just figuring out different racing tracks, trying to get comfortable with your vehicle to gain complete control, maneuvering between obstacles, drifting through tight turns, racing against time trying to make a new record, beating your friends and coming first in the race. Racing games are so much more fun with friends because of the healthy competition that inevitably exists. Another segment of the racing game fanbase are people aren’t fans of the whole idea of racing but are fans of the vehicles used in the games, the petrol-heads. Many games allow players to purchase vehicles that exist in the real world and add different customizations to those vehicles like nitrous, spoilers, paint jobs, engine power, brake control, rims style and so much more! There are just a few of the reasons why the racing genre is huge in the gaming industry. 

Now that we know why racing games are awesome, let’s go through the features of a racing game that released in 2017 called Dr Driving 2. 

Dr. Driving 2 features


First off, Dr Driving 2 is the sequel to Dr Driving and brings you exciting new features. 


The graphics have improved and is much better that the first part. You have better looking road signs, the effect of turning through curved roads has improved a lot gives a much more realistic feel while playing. The background textures aren’t that great, but whatever is in the interface looks attractive. The colors used in the game are dull, but it works because this game mainly focuses on the driving dynamics. When it first person view, the details of the speedometer and odometer are accentuated. 

Dr. Driving 2 Gameplay

You can choose to play in multiplayer mode, career mode or trial mode. There are different levels within the game each that come with a set of objectives and challenges. There are different challenges like beating a track within a certain amount of time, like a time trial and then parking your car at a particular spot after completing race in order actually win the level. So, it’s obvious that this game really focuses more on the driving technicalities. The interface contains a steering wheel, a break, an accelerator, directions within a race and the distance towards a particular objective. You can even switch between first person and third person view. 

Tracks and levels

As mentioned before, Dr Driving 2 has different missions and objectives. Completing them can earn you rewards. In addition to that, the racing tracks have improved and there are obstacles that make the experience more challenging. Traffic present ahead of you can be seen more clearly and only with practice can you get past the traffic with ease. 


Playing career mode or single player mode in any game can get quite boring. Especially, in racing games. Well, Dr Driving 2 allows you to play with friends and beat them in races and completing different challenges. Furthermore, there are weekly and monthly tournaments that you can complete in order to earn rewards. 


There are a number of cars that you can purchase by using the in-game currency and you can upgrade and customize them to make racing smoother. 

You get unlimited coins and gold with the MOD APK to help keep your garage fresh. 

Steps to download Dr driving 2 Mod apk with download link

  • Click download and wait for Dr Driving 2 Mod.apk to download.

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  • This downloaded file can be saved on either your phone’s memory or your SD card.
  • Install the APK file in your device by allowing Unknown Application Permission first.
  • The previous step is required for installing third-party applications without any issue. 
  • After that, go back to the download folder, open the Dr Driving 2 mod apk and enjoy. 


So, if you think that you’re the ultimate driver and think that you can take on your friends then follow the steps to download and install Dr Driving 2. Enjoy!

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