Human: Fall Flat v1.2 Mod APK 2022

Crash and burn, from 505 Games, is an entertainingly fun gathering game which can be delighted in with your companions through its multiplayer highlights. You assume the job of an especially unstable human who thinks that its difficult to walk, not to mention total difficulties and complete against a lot of other unbalanced people. Climb, convey, parkour, you have to adjust and conquered the difficulties of your Bambi-like legs. This is Human: Fall Flat.

There are various fantastical universes for you to investigate and to survive. Various riddles will require various arrangements, and keeping in mind that the world appears to be insane, the laws of material science are a lot of genuine! It will require some investment to ace the development and capacities of your human, however once you do, this addictive game offers heaps of chances for replayability. You can play with up to 4 different companions and you can likewise alter your character once you expert the levels.

Great features

Human: fall flat is an ongoing expansion to the ever-developing rundown of fun material science games raging the gaming scene. This is one of the best time you can download on your Android telephone, and in light of current circumstances. Not exclusively are the material science ruthlessly practical, the agreeable mechanics are made much progressively clever when you’re contending with your companions. Who has the most aptitudes with their flimsy abilities? Who will rise successful? These are probably the best highlights you can appreciate when you play Human: Fall flat. 

Ace THE Unbalanced Craft OF PARKOUR

You can walk (sort of straight), hop, snatch anything, climb anything, convey anything. Acing the moves will be your first great test. 

Understand Brain Twisting Riddles

Investigate 10 open-finished levels brimming with testing puzzles and amusing interruptions. Attempt new ways and find all the mysteries!

PLAY WITH Companions, FAMILY, OR Absolute Outsiders

Work together to accomplish any errand – or go through hours tricking each other in the craziest manners conceivable. Play with up to 4 players for wacky anarchy!


Dress your human in many senseless outfits. Be a canine, ninja, princess… whatever! Blend and match with unlimited mixes. The universes might be fantastical, yet the laws of material science are genuine!

Material science based Fun

The levels are very precarious, and keeping in mind that there is a ton of opportunity on how you approach each level, the game’s material science basically decide your way and the undertakings you have to do to finish it. For instance, getting things is critical, tossing them or moving them to another area. This can open entryways, make regions for you to parkour to another piece of the guide, or complete an errand fair and square. Be that as it may, it is quite difficult – the material science mechanics are somewhat dubious, and you truly need to center to complete it! 

Testing and Addictive Interactivity

Toward the beginning of the game there is a described instructional exercise which guides you through a portion of the parts of the interactivity. Listen cautiously, in light of the fact that you’ll require all the assist you with canning get the opportunity to storm through these precarious riddle levels. You should utilize your fingers on the controls precisely, lifting your arms and moving your legs. Becoming accustomed to the development of your character is the initial step, and from that point forward, you have to work on utilizing things and squeezing catches.

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User Reviews

Good morning, creator I only give 3 star to this game because I am a YouTuber with 500k subscriber and when I am going to do stream, I cannot talk to other player in game, And I got more hate from people. And I have to used discord. Please add voice options to this game within next update otherwise I will tell my Subscriber to give only one star and boycott this Game. 

Recently I love human fall flat but I stop playing it since I was 7 and now I am 8 and yesterday when I joined human fall flat it popped a white screen and randomly kicks me out next same but black screen have i discovered a Glitch?🙄🤔 and please fix this.

Hello, I had this game recently and I just wanted to ask if you can make the game controller supported in the next update I would like to play it with my controller so I can make it more fun. If you think of it. I would appreciate it if you have time to do it and have a nice day.

Game is good and humans need to be stronger for this climbing and I want more levels. On my dad’s computer I’m playing wobbly life, yore human fall flat, police simulator, totaly delivery wobbly life is amazing granny kick you out of house and you need to find some job and updates are amazing and if you come back to granny she will said you go outside and do some work. So human fall flat is great 5+

Human fall flat is a great game and all but the only problem is the lag when somebody joins you and your friends public server and whenever I exit the game I loose all my progress in levels and then I have to start over all the time.

My favorite app on mobile best app in the world online is a bit laggy but considering this is a PC game it is the best game in the world for mobile at least amazing physics cool Easter eggs all in all just a really good kind of puzzle game and parkour game to beat levels with friends and alone it’s pretty good app so download it now

Please do very big map, and this map is aquapark. And do new details and shirts for skins. This is very good game and I like it. If you can than please do fire station map where players need to extinguish the fire and go down the pole and do other quests.

I wanted to give it a five star but it’s annoying because when ever I make my character go left it glitches and sometimes makes my character go right instead!

Dear players of this game this game is abandoned that means servers multilayer is not available anymore you can still play it with your self bye.

Great game! Loads to do, lots of different paths you can take that are hidden and you can complete it in different ways. Lots of Easter eggs and hidden activities. I’ve found it is very laggy if you join anyone else server, no matter how fast your connection is. So I recommend hosting yourself or playing single player. It’s annoying you can’t see the names of player above their head, you don’t know what troll to kick. I wish they would bring out more levels and updates as the game is great.


Challenge your strategic aptitudes and calm your mind by playing this unique game. Don’t forget to download the Mod version, otherwise you can’t really enjoy the gameplay. 

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